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International delivery Update Due to the COVID-19

2020-03-31  ALLPCB Team

Due to the increasingly serious situation of COVID-19 worldwide, a series of prevention and control measures taken by some countries and regions may affect the delivery time. Therefore, varying degrees of delay will occur at your order.


Below is the estimated delivery delay for different courier services. We also search the relevant information about DHL Delivery Restricted Areas for you reference. We will keep updated in time.

 1) The Estimated Delivery Delay


2) DHL Delivery Restricted Areas List


Full Version: 

DHL Delivery Restricted Areas List.xlsx

(Updated on 7th, April)


1.    We strongly recommend you choose DHL express since its higher stability and quickness. That’s why they seldom affected even this particular time.

2.    If courier service is suspended in your area or any other shipping questions, please contact our customer support. service@allpcb.com

3.    It is suggested that you take a contactless way to receive your package as far as possible, and pay attention to the disinfection of the package.


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