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Factory will Keep Producing on Chinese Lunar New Year 2021

2021-01-28  ALLPCB Team

Dear ALLPCBers,

The past 2020 has been a challenging and tough year for all of us, thank you all for your continuous support and love throughout the year.

ALLPCB will begin Lunar New Year holiday from Feb.7th to Feb.18th .You can order as usual during this time. And  ALLPCB's PCB facotry and assembly factory  will keep producing your orders during the holiday.

About Lead Time

The lead time will be longer than usual during holidays, please refer to your order detail for accurate shipping date, some orders may be shipped earlier than estimated.



1. During the spring festival, lead time for orders less than 30 pieces is 5 days, for orders more than  30pcs is 10 days. Special pcb techniques are not included.

2. Equipment maintenance is from 11th Feb to 14th Feb.

3. After the Spring Festival, international logistics will start to pick up goods on February 16th.

About Customer Service

All the sales will be working during the holiday, but they may not able to check emails all the time, still please feel free to contact them if you meet any problems.

ALLPCB has also provided lucky lottery draw activity for our lovely customers, see more details here

Yours Faithfully,



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