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Factory & Shipment Arrangement During Qingming Festival

2022-03-29  ALLPCB


Dear ALLPCB Users,

The Qingming Festival is approaching ( 3rd Apr. - 5th Apr.), please check the holiday schedule of ALLPCB below and arrange your orders in advance.


PCB, SMT Factory & Component Warehouse  

The factory and component warehouse will be off from 4th Apr. to 5th Apr.

The production will back to normal from 6th Apr.


Shipping Arrangement

DHL & FedEx & UPS

The DHL & FedEx & UPS express pick-up service will be off from 3rd Apr. - 5th Apr.


Customer Service

Customer service will be available During the festival.

For any urgent query, please feel free to contact your dedicated sales at any time.



Brief Introduction of Qingming Festival


Qingming Festival, also called Tomb Sweeping Day, is a traditional Chinese festival and an important day for most people (including the Han Chinese and some of China's 55 other ethnic minorities) to go and sweep tombs and commemorate their ancestors. On this day, tomb-sweeping is one of the most important and popular activities to show respect to ancestors.

During Qingming, Chinese families visit the tombs of their ancestors to clean the gravesites, pray to their ancestors and make ritual offerings. Offerings would typically include traditional food dishes and the burning of joss sticks and joss paper. The holiday recognizes the traditional reverence of one's ancestors in Chinese culture.



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