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Chairman of Jiepei attended the 14th Jiangxi Provincial People's Congress

2023-01-12  ALLPCB TEAM

Live Report

On January 11, 2023, the first meeting of the 14th Jiangxi Provincial People's Congress was  opened in Nanchang.

Zhou Bangbing, the chairman of Jiepei (ALLPCBs parent company) and a representative of the Jiangxi Provincial People's Congress, and the Shangrao District People's Congress team attended the meeting.



According to the meeting agenda, Governor Ye Jianchun reported to the meeting on behalf of the Provincial People's Government:


The report proposes that the main expected targets for economic and social development this year are: regional GDP growth of around 7%; industrial added value above designated size growth of around 8%; fixed asset investment growth of over 8%; total social consumer goods retail sales growth of around 8.5%. The per capital disposable income of rural residents will increase by about 6.5% and 7.5% respectively, consumer prices will increase by about 3%, the surveyed unemployment rate in urban areas will be controlled at about 5.5%, and indicators such as the discharge of major pollutants will meet the national targets.


The report emphasizes that this year's government work will focus on eight aspects:

1. Strive to promote the economy to return to the potential growth level;

2. Build a "2+6+N" modern industrial system, shape new development momentum and new advantages;

3. Comprehensively deepen reform and expand opening up accelerate the construction of inland open economic pilot zones;

4. Promote the coordinated development of regional urban and rural areas, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and strengthen the multi-polar support pattern;

5. Continuously improve the social security system and improve people's quality of life;

6. Promote the green transformation of development methods, and improve the realization of the value of ecological products mechanism;

7. Promote the modernization of grassroots governance deeply, and build a higher level of safe Jiangxi;

8. Improve the quality of "five-type" government construction under the new situation, and create a model agency that reassures the party and satisfies the people.


The report pointed out that: around the comprehensive construction of "six Jiangxi", focus on the implementation of :

The strategy of expanding domestic demand, the strategy of revitalizing the province through science and education.

The strategy of strengthening the province through industry.

The strategy of regional coordinated development.

The strategy of rural revitalization.

The strategy of high-level opening up

The strategy of green promotion

The strategy of giving priority to employment, Safety development. 

Focus on the implementation of the "No. 1 Development Project", "No. 1 Reform Project", and "Innovation Four Rates" promotion project, market subject cultivation project, development zone reform and innovation project, recruiting large and strong projects, "Two Mountains" transformation project, stabilizing and expanding posts "Nine Major Projects" of the Nine Major Projects of the Nine Projects.


The conference submitted and reviewed the report on the implementation of Jiangxi Province's 2022 national economic and social development plan and the 2023 national economic and social development plan draft, Jiangxi Province's 2023 national economic and social development plan draft, and Jiangxi Province's 2022 province-wide and Provincial budget implementation and 2023 provincial and provincial budget draft reports, Jiangxi Province 2023 provincial budget draft.


In the future, Chairman Zhou Bangbing will thoroughly implement the spirit of the conference, keep in mind the entrustment and deployment requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping "demonstration, strive to be the first" and "five advancements", combine work responsibilities with meeting ideas, and ensure that Jiepei In the further development of the industrial Internet industry, give full play to the advantages of the combination of the Internet and manufacturing, and strive to become the benchmark of Jiangxi Industrial Internet application practice, and write a new chapter in Jiangxi Internet + industry!


About Bangbing Zhou



Chairman of Jiepei Technology, Jiangxi Provincial People's Congress Representative, Jiangxi Double Thousand Talents, Shangrao 2022 "Innovative Talent", Shangrao Outstanding Entrepreneur, Ganzhou's 6th "Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Figures", China Electronic Circuit Industry Association Director, Vice President of Hangzhou Venture Capital Association.

·Graduated from Nanchang University, serial entrepreneur, founded Hangzhou Weston Network Technology Co., Ltd. in 2003, and became a well-known local website construction service company;


·In 2006, it began to transform to the construction and operation of the vertical platform of the industry. The Weiku electronic market network created has become the industry information platform with the highest traffic in the electronic components industry and the dark horse of the B2B industry website;


·In 2013, it began to transform into manufacturing + Internet, starting from circuit board prototype, using Internet technology to transform the whole process of traditional circuit board factories, and achieved great success, becoming a world-renowned R&D service platform for electronic engineers.


·Started in 2015, set off again, and established Jiepei Technology and ALLPCB, the first to propose the concept of "collaborative manufacturing". With 7 years of practice, through the in-depth application of industrial Internet technology, it has realized from circuit boards, PCBA, molds, injection molding, The leapfrog service from sheet metal to integrated machine assembly has doubled its performance for five consecutive years. Currently, it has multiple electronic collaborative manufacturing industrial parks in Shenzhen, Shangrao, Jiangxi, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, and Guangde, Anhui.


About Jiepei (ALLPCB's Parent Company)

Founded in 2015, Jiepei is committed to building an Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing System (ECMS). It has PCB production bases, collaborative sharing centers and industrial product supermarkets in Shangrao and Guangfeng, Jiangxi Province. The business scope of the group covers PCB, SMT, and components. , precision metal processing, finished product assembly and other electronic manufacturing integration services and other fields.


At present, the PCB single- and double-sided prototype can be delivered within 24 hours at the fastest, and the on-time rate is above 98%, which is 5 times faster than traditional factories, which greatly helps customers shorten the R&D cycle. Jiepei is famous for its "fastness", fast service, fast delivery, and fast development. Up to now, it has provided high-quality services to 900,000+ users in 210+ countries and regions around the world.









































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