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Awards in the First ALLPCB PCB Master Tournament

2017-01-20  ALLPCB Team

Here are the Top 6 that win the awards in The First ALLPCB PCB Master Tournament.

Whihc one is the best in your heart?

Name: Steel Piano

Material: Recycled PCBs, Film, Capacity


Steel Piano stands for the sprite of craftsman which is the essence in manufacture industry. And, a company with the sprite of craftsman, is engaged in achieving “Made in China, loved by the world”. Besides, we hope that Steel Piano can record the changes in ALLPCB, and witness the glory and success of ALLPCB.

Name: World in Hands

Material: Recycled PCBs, Electronic Components


ALLPCB aims to serve for customers around the world and we have made it. Up to now, ALLPCB has covered more than 200 regions and countries. World in Hands expresses our determination to serve for global customers and our ambitions to be the best in the world.

Name: Green House

Material: Recycled PCBs, Electronic Components


Green House is designed with the theme of energy creation, energy use, and energy regeneration.

Roof is able to transfer the light into electricity to achieve the internal power supply in house, such as cooking, lighting, etc. The use of windmill transfers the wind into electricity in case of electricity shortage. The trees can purify the air in daytime and play the role of lighting at night. The swing takes the use of kinetic energy, to achieve manual and automatic integration as a whole.

Name: Ding

Material: Recycled PCBs


Ding is the ancient Chinese bronze for cooking and storage, which is the testimony of civilization, and also the carrier of culture. In modern China, Ding is also behalf of integrity. ALLPCB services to customers worldwide with integrity. We must adhere to, and we hope that the integrity, services and products of ALLPCB can attract more customers around the world and let them know that the unique ALLPCB in China.

Name: House of the Future

Material: Recycled PCBs


Home of Future is inspired by the dream board of ALLPCB family. The future refers to the time that has not yet come, while the dream is an expectation of the future that not necessarily exist.

House of the future is the symbol of success. ALLPCB families are positive and ambitious to make a better future for ALLPCB and all members with double harvest of love and business.

Name: ALLPCB Battleship

Material: Recycled PCBs, Hot Glue


Originally, this creation will be the building of ALLPCB. But for the shortage of material, it was get stuck. However, the designer turns the decadent to the magic, remaking the unfinished building into a battleship. The process embodies the spirit of ALLPCB – “Never cast away. Never give up”. To find the right direction, people or things must also play its greatest value.


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