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ALLPCB Secured B Round Financing of Nearly 200 Million RMB (About 30.5 Million USD)

2021-04-13  ALLPCB

Abstract: Last December, the electronic industry Internet platform ALLPCB announced the completion of a 200 million RMB (About 30.5 Million USD) B round financing, led by Xiang He Capital, followed by Vision Capital, Qing Song Fund and other institutions, with Light Source Capital acting as the exclusive financial advisor.


Use of Fund

ALLPCB acquired financing valued at nearly 200 million this time. According to Bangbing Zhou, CEO of ALLPCB, this round of financing will be mainly used to strengthen the development of the intelligent Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing System (ECMS), improve the collaborative manufacturing platform, team building,  and business expansion.


Business of ALLPCB

Relying on the self-developed intelligent production system, ALLPCB breaks the information silo between single factories, effectively aggregates the information flow and capital flow of physical orders, and intelligently schedules production to the most suitable factory production line after AI pricing, intelligent layout, and accurate matching by the big data center, thus improving the operation efficiency and capacity of the whole industrial chain and greatly reducing production costs.


So far, ALLPCB has become the world's largest electronic co-manufacturing ecological community, with business covering PCB, SMT, components, 3D printing, injection mold, and other fields, and can provide one-stop services for consumer electronics, communication equipment, industrial control, instrumentation, smart hardware, Internet of Things and other related industries.



Future of ALLPCB

Bangbing Zhou expressed that the industrial Internet has opened a trillion-level blue ocean market, and ALLPCB will continue to play its technical advantages to closely connect equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, products, and customers through it. On the one hand, it helps the electronics manufacturing industry to lengthen the industrial chain and form interconnection across devices, systems, factories and regions, thus improving efficiency and promoting the intelligence of the whole manufacturing service system. On the other hand, we will continue to promote the integration of the electronics manufacturing industry and realize the leapfrog development between manufacturing and service industries, so that various factors and resources in the electronics industry can be shared efficiently.




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