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ALLPCB's Industrial Internet Innovation Center


About ALLPCB Industrial Internet Innovation Center

ALLPCB Industrial Internet Innovation Center is located in Shangrao, Jiangxi province, with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan, covering an area of 130 acres (the size of 12 standard football fields), and a total construction area of 120,000 square meters. The annual output value of the standard production will exceed 3 billion.

The project is committed to building an Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing System (ECMS) based on the Industrial Internet, making it a benchmark for the application of industrial Internet in the country. Our products cover electronic manufacturing integration services such as components, SMT, molds, injection molding, precision metal processing, and finished product assembly.

The ECMS utilizes Internet, IoT, and cloud technology to carry out in-depth transformation of the entire electronics manufacturing industry chain, realizes centralized order entry, digital engineering and technical services, and highly digital workshops to help factories produce according to customer needs.


Do you know the collaborative factory?

ALLPCB adopts the “1+N” innovation model of self-operated factory + collaborative factories to rapidly expand the high-quality upstream and downstream production capacity of the electronics manufacturing industry. ALLPCB now has self-developed order scheduling system, intelligent scheduling system and engineering system, ERP and MES system. These systems empower upstream and downstream factories to help the entire industry chain break information islands and enable the entire industry chain to achieve interconnection and intercommunication, achieving precise order distribution, real-time data sharing, forming a large synergy of the entire industry chain. It provides high-quality and timely delivery of supply chain services for global electronic brands.


How is the Industrial Internet Center created by ALLPCB?

ALLPCB has built a large-scale industrial Internet big data command and dispatch center in Guangfeng, Jiangxi province. The center will connect the needs of more than 1 million electronic R&D engineers and 100,000 upstream and downstream factories in 160 countries and regions around the world.

The central data analysts and dispatchers are able to track and analyze the whole order processes, and control the operation of each production line and each machine of ECMS, to ensure that the order is executed on time and quality.

Through self-operation and collaboration, ALLPCB will establish more than 100 SMT production lines, hundreds of injection molding machines, CNC machining equipment, laser machine tools and other equipment in Guangfeng to provide integrated services for electronic brands around the world.



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