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ALLPCB Precision Factory | ALL for the Future

2022-03-30  ALLPCB

December 10, 2021

The opening ceremony of Anhui Jiepei Precision Circuit Co., Ltd. (ALLPCB Precision Factory) was held in the Electronic Industrial Park of Guangde Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province.

More than 10 shareholder representatives and special guests attended the meeting, and a grand unveiling ceremony was held on the spot

Zhou Bangbing, CEO of ALLPCB, delivered a speech at the ceremony:"ALLPCB has ushered in an important milestone. We strive to improve quality and serve customers well. In the future, we hope that we can enhance China's manufacturing capability and make every circuit board design possible to produce."


Zhou Bangbing, the CEO of ALLPCB

ALLPCB, which is located in Hangzhou, now has set up production bases in Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangfeng, Jiangxi, etc. Its aim is to build an ecological collaborative manufacturing system  (ECMS) based on the industrial Internet and thus become a benchmark for industrial Internet application practices in the country. Products include component manufacturing, PCB, SMT, molding, injection molding, precision metal processing, finished product assembly and other electronic manufacturing integration services.

The ECMS of ALLPCB uses the Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud technology to deeply transform the electronics manufacturing industry, and it can realize the centralization of order input, digital engineering, technical services, and highly digital workshops to help factories produce according to customers' needs. ALLPCB adopts the "1+N" innovative model (self-operated factories & collaborative factories) to rapidly expand the production capacity of the industry. By using its self-developed order scheduling system, intelligent production scheduling system, intelligent engineering system, ERP, MES and other systems, ALLPCB helps the whole industry chain to break the information barriers, enables the whole industry chain to achieve interconnection, accurate order distribution, real-time data sharing, a large synergy of the whole industry chain, and provides reliable products for global electronic brands.

It is reported that Anhui Jiepei Precision Circuit Co., Ltd. is a powerful supplement to the production capacity of mid-to-high-end circuit boards. The plant has a construction area of 15,000 square meters, and the maximum annual production capacity can reach 400,000 square meters. The products are based in East China and radiate to the world. It's designed to be a multi-layer high-speed prototyping factory in China. The main products are multi-layer, high-precision, high-end HDI and other PCB products. Precision factory will give solid support to ALLPCB's SMT, electronic components and other related business.

The new company plans to automatize process equipments and possess an advanced MES technical team to realize the traceability of quality along the whole production process. It also spare no effort to create more reliable products and better services for customers. Anhui Jiepei Precision Factory will fully undertake the multi-layer board business of ALLPCB, and will build itself into a leading enterprise in the precision circuit market within China.

At the ceremony, Mr. Zhou Bangbing, the CEO of ALLPCB, Ms. Zhang Haihua, the CPO of ALLPCB, Mr. Yang Jianli, General Manager of Precision Circuits, and Ying Xiaobin, Executive Vice President, unveiled the plaque for Anhui Jiebei Precision Circuits Co., Ltd.


The Opening Ceremony

In the future, the precision factory will work hard and help expand the production capacity in the field of multilayer boards.


Group Photo of the Ceremony


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