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ALLPCB Merges with Jieduobang

2022-03-28  ALLPCB

A few days ago, ALLPCB, the leading collaborative manufacturing platform in the electronics industry, officially announced the completion of the merger and reorganization with Shenzhen Jieduobang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JDB).

JDB will become an important part of the ALLPCB Ecological Collaborative Manufacturing System (ECMS), and LIGHTHOUSE will act as the exclusive financial advisor. After the strong alliance, ALLPCB will become the "top player" in the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) industry, with nearly one million users on the platform.

Through this merger, the user demand and order production capacity of ALLPCB ECMS will be promoted and strengthened; on the other hand, the strong supply chain and user support of JDB will also strengthen ALLPCB's leading position in the South China market.

Meanwhile, ALLPCB also announced the completion of the B++ round of financing invested by SENSETIME.


Strategic cooperation and restructuring achieved flywheel effect

ALLPCB is a platform-based national high-tech enterprise which dedicates to build a collaborative manufacturing super factory in the electronics industry. Its core competitiveness lies in the dual engine of "order & technology". Through the self-developed ECMS, ALLPCB uses digital technology to achieve precise matching between the supply and demand, and connects the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain through Internet to realize collaborative manufacturing. Thus, create a "flexible platform & rigid factory" model. After nearly 7 years of rapid development, ALLPCB has become the world's largest ecological collaborative manufacturing system in electronic industry, and has provided high-quality services to more than 700,000 registered users in more than 210 countries and regions around the world.

As the other party of this merger, JDB is currently one of the world's top online platform for PCB orders. JDB has a strong channel and customer base in overseas sales, and has established a good reputation among European and American customers.

After the completion of the merger, the original JDB brand will continue to operate independently. ALLPCB will provide support to JDB in terms of technology, capital, talents, digital construction, etc. to help JDB improve its digital capabilities, strengthen its quality control and delivery management, optimize and improve management efficiency.

At the same time, the merger will help ALLPCB become stronger and accelerate the process towards the formation of flywheel effect.

More importantly, JDB will help ALLPCB to build a collaborative manufacturing community in the electronics industry, and help the entire industry to embrace new changes.

Zhou Bangbing, ALLPCB's co-founder and CEO, said that after the merger and reorganization, ALLPCB and JDB will join hands as brothers to start the third venture. In the future, both parties will focus on realizing the integration of business operations and company culture. Both parties will give full play to the advantages of technology development and marketing stategies in order to realize value symbiosis and create a new round of growth together.


ALLPCB's Drilling Workshop in Jiangxi Province

Focus on millions of small and medium-sized pcb enterprises to promote globalization strategy

According to the data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2021, the revenue of China's electronic information manufacturing industry is 14.13 trillion yuan. China's electronic information industry is already the world's largest, and the profitability and quality of electronic enterprises will be further improved in the future.


However, in the era of Consumer Internet, it is difficult to improve production efficiency of the supply side in the PCB industry. According to Gao Liye, vice president of LIGHTHOUSE, with the acceleration of the iteration of electronic products, the demand for small and medium-sized PCB orders has risen rapidly. But, at present stage, most companies in the PCB industry are still self-operated with low growth efficiency and scattered production capacity. A global ecological community in electronic industry will maximize the advantages of the collaborative manufacturing model, integrate and create great value.


ALLPCB is committed to creating a collaborative manufacturing platform to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. Through the self-developed collaborative manufacturing platform, ALLPCB centralizes the production capacity of several PCB, PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) and relevant industrial factories to form a cross-factory/cross-regional community. Then through the intelligent matching system, orders are assigned to appropriate factories for production, which effectively improves the production efficiency, equipment utilization, as well as the overall delivery efficiency of the industry.

After the merger and reorganization, ALLPCB will make use of the supply chain support of JDB to rapidly improve the construction of the global sales network, so that overseas customers can enjoy more comprehensive and efficient services. Gao Liye believes that while absorbing a large number of JDB's overseas customer resources and excellent prototyping capability, ALLPCB's flexible platform and mass production capabilities will continue to magnify customer value. ALLPCB will have more powerful technical ability, which can realize the efficient use of resources such as assets, technology, brands, customers, and markets. At the same time, ALLPCB will also participate in international competition, deploy multilingual Internet sites in English, Japanese, Spanish and other languages around the world, and provide reliable and high-quality services for nearly one million users in more than 210 countries and regions around the world.


Zhou Bangbing said:"Our country is promoting the deep integration of industrial Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy. This is an opportunity given by the time. ALLPCB will improve its core competitiveness through continuous iterative changes and continue to create new products for users. After the merger, ALLPC will adhere to the lofty mission of 'making the industry more efficient and making life better'. ALLPCB will continue to see the electronics industry as the center and cover related industrial and consumer fields. ALLPCB will serve users in the global electronics industry chain, and through leading automation, digitalization and intelligent technologies, realize the integration of all elements, the coverage of the entire industrial chain, empower one million small and medium-sized electronic enterprises, and build a trillion worth global ecological community in electronics industry."


Hu Yutong, managing partner of SenseTime Capital, said:"Affected by the individualization of downstream consumption, the demand for customization and small batches in the electronics industry has grown, and the supply side needs to be flexibly transformed and improved. Under this circumstance, we are optimistic about ALLPCB. Through Internet thinking, digital capabilities, and the unique collaborative factory model,ALLPCB can empower and reshape the potential of traditional industries. PCB production is an industry with great scale effects. After the merger, the business volume has expanded and production efficiency has improved, and competitiveness of ALLPCB is expected to be further enhanced; at the same time, the two have thier own advantages and they will make up for each other's shortcomings and generate the value of '1+1>2'."

Li Hao, the managing director of Lighthouse Capital, said:"As the long-term exclusive financial advisor of ALLPCB, we are very pleased to assist it in completing the vertical acquisition and integration of Shenzhen Jieduobang. ALLPCB has always been committed to upgrading traditional electronics through industrial Internet technology iterations. This company has developed rapidly. Since its establishment, it has successfully completed five rounds of financing, and a new round of financing is also in progress. We believe that after this industrial integration, ALLPCB will help JDB to improve service and management ability, and meanwhile, JDB will also help ALLPCB to serve domestic and overseas customers better."


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