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ALLPCB Fully Resumed Work

2020-02-19  ALLPCB Team

Due to the outbreak of the nCoV-19 during the Spring Festival of 2020, China has been facing huge challenges. In order to control the epidemic, the government issued a series of policies such as extension of legal holidays, postponement of resumption of work by enterprises. All industries also suffer the impact of different degrees accordingly.

February 3, Chinese government proposed “to fully support and organize various production enterprises to resume production, based on the condition of thorough prevention measures”.

After active application, Anhui Jieyuan electronic technology co., ltd., the PCB manufacture base of ALLPCB, has been approved to resume production on February 10, being one of the first enterprises in Guangde to that re-started production.

Now, production capacity has been fully resumed. In the meanwhile, ALLPCB is implementing epidemic prevention measures strictly in accordance with the government's requirements.


Under the severe epidemic situation, enterprises must complete a series of epidemic prevention arrangements before production resumption. ALLPCB has taken each department as a unit and implements the "department responsibility system". The person in charge of each department is responsible for the health and schedule of the staffs in the department.



1. Daily Tracking Health Condition of Staffs

14-day self-segregation and daily record of their health condition are required for every staff. As for the staffs back from the key epidemic areas (Hubei, Wenzhou, Jiangxi, etc.), they were asked to suspend from returning Hangzhou.

Enterprise must be informed of the condition of every staff, do the daily record elaborately and report to the local government in time.

2. Registration of Returning Employees

For the staffs who have returned to the factory, epidemic prevention measures should be effectively carried out and investigations should be conducted in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention process. Only after they are proved to be healthy, can they enter the production line.


3. Strict Isolation for 14 Days

Employees having returned the factory from key epidemic areas will be segregated for 14 days. Signs will be posted on the door. They’re strictly prohibited to visit each other and go out of the room. Food would be provided by a special person, and the used food boxes would be handled together. Body temperature would be measured twice a day.


4. Global Disinfection of Factory Area

Disinfect the whole area of the factory (office area, workshop, etc.) with disinfectant regularly. The disinfection time, disinfectant ratio and disinfection times are strictly stipulated to ensure the sanitation of factory area.


5. Staff Meal Arrangement

Staffs who have returned to the factory must have meals in batches to avoid crowd gathering to the greatest extent. In addition, the tables and chairs of the canteen tableware must be intensively sterilized every day.

6. Production Area Control

Before entering the workshop, all staffs must take temperature measurement firstly, then change clothes and shoes according to the procedure. Mask is a “must” for every person, and it is required to change a mask half a day to prevent bacteria breeding.


7. Stock up on Supplies

Facing the epidemic, the prevention materials is the top priority. New thermoprobe, mask, disinfectant and other essential items are the confidence and guarantee for epidemic prevention.


8. Strengthen Publicity and Guidance

The factory has done a good job of epidemic prevention. With the help of banners, posters and other methods, the returned staffs have a better understanding of nCoV-19 as well as epidemic prevention. Now every staff has a strong sense of health tracking and epidemic prevention.

Besides, ALLPCB SMT factory and Hangzhou headquarters have also resumed their work on February 18, after approved by the local government. Epidemic prevention measures have been carried out strictly according to the requirements of government. We believe that everything would gradually return to normal with the efforts of all parties.


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