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ALLPCB Development Plan in 2017

2017-02-09  ALLPCB Team

ALLPCB is the first worldwide online platform with PCB prototype and low volume PCB manufacture service. Headquarter is located in Hangzhou, where enjoys the reputation of the city of e-commerce and the paradise on the earth. Besides, ALLPCB established several offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Since 2013, ALLPCB has been striving to offer the most cost-effective PCB manufacturing service and provide global SMEs with complete PCB design process and technical support from “Prototype to Production”. In 2017, ALLPCB will concentrate on three things: to improve user experience, strengthen supply chain and build professional social interaction circle.

The first thing is to improve user experience, focusing on quickness, accurateness and excellence.

Firstly, as for the quickness, ALLPCB resorts to IT system to improve the efficiency of customers. We developed an order matching system to help customers find the best manufacturer, solving the problem of time-consuming in selecting PCB manufacturers. All the selected manufacturers in ALLPCB have passed our strict on-spot audit by professional auditors about the environment, equipments, raw materials and technology. And all the information will be transformed into data and saved in Cloud, which enables the system to match the best manufacturer for customer with certain basic parameters. Meanwhile, we also developed an online quote system that stores the data about every manufacturer’s quote rules. We have spent over 3 years in development and improvement for this system. Also, ALLPCB developed an intelligent production management system especially for our cooperative manufacturers with 1-8 layers PCB prototype and low volume PCB manufacture. This system combines more than 20 manufacture processes together, reducing the lead time into 2 days and achieving 12 hours expedited shipment. The on-time delivery rate reaches over 95%. In 2017, we will offer free installation to cooperative manufacturers in our platform. With intelligent order matching system, online quote system and production management system, customers are able to enjoy fast quote and fast delivery service.

Secondly, about the accurateness, ALLPCB achieves real-time quote of every manufacturer, ensuring quote accurateness as high as 95%. Besides, our engineers always go to the PCB factory in person in order to guarantee the product quality and delivery time, which helps us achieve 99.9% fabrication accurateness and over 99% on-time rate.

Last but not least, as for the excellence, ALLCPB will concentrate on offering customized service to customers with 1-8 layers PCB prototype and low volume PCB manufacture. Usually, the orders from these customers are small, low-end but with high requirement in cost control and short lead time. Thus, they cannot gain the attention and quality service from manufacturers for the weak bargaining power caused by small-volume order. But what ALLPCB does is to collect all kinds of small volume orders together to enhance the bargaining power with factories and get more additional services for our customers. Based on the orders we collected, we will put forward the high requirements to manufacturers, which greatly enhances the product quality and service. Also, we propose a 24-hour real-time response mechanism. From quote, registration, ordering, production to delivery, our professional technical staffs can offer real-time communication and timely resolution of customers’ various problems in every process. Excellent service and high quality control will always be our working focus, because we all know that is why our customers choose ALLPCB.

The second thing is to strengthen supply chain. The powerful supply chain is the key guarantee of good user experience. In 2017, our supply chain team plans to expand from 32 to 53 people, of which 18 are responsible for the development and selection of cooperative PCB manufacturers. ALLPCB plans to expand the current 106 PCB manufacturers to 300. All joined PCB manufacturers must pass on-spot audit by ALLPCB’s professional auditors, including environment, equipment, raw materials, certification and management. All the audit reports are open and transparent online, ensuring the manufacture capability authenticity of every PCB manufacturer. 20 of them are responsible for the partnership with component factories, agents and distributors. In 2017, ALLPCB is going to build further cooperation with 60 components distributors, achieving more than 5 billion SKU that customers can order directly online. And professional BOM matching companies for online BOM quote will reach 50. Besides, 15 people engage in the construction of SMT supply chain, to introduce 30 SMT factories with ISO9001 Quality Management Certification and establish in-depth strategic cooperation. And there is no set-up and tooling fee in all SMT factories we are working with. The prototype assembly takes 2-3 days and the low volume orders take 5-7 days. At the same time, we carry out monthly assessment on PCB factories, component suppliers, and SMT factories, and the unqualified one will be obsolete, so as to ensure the quality of suppliers and bring better service to customers.

The third thing is to build professional social interaction circle. At present, ALLCPB has launched a community, aiming to set up the most professional community in electronic industry. This community will focus on the discussion of PCB design, PCB manufacture, electronic component and the application & market of all kinds of advanced technologies. Segmentation, in-depth and practicability are the biggest difference among other communities. Meanwhile, ALLPCB plans to invite world-renowned technicians and experts, as our consultants, to share their knowledge and opinions in the community, with the hope of growing up together with customers.

In 2017, ALLPCB will serve for more than 100,000 customers and cooperate with 300 PCB manufacturers, over 100 electronic components suppliers and strategically work with 30 PCB assembly factories. We will bring better service to our customers with our great advantages in geography and industry. ALLPCB will strive to achieve the transform from “Made in China” to “Made in the world”, making the innovation of global SMEs much easier and bringing the human beings better life with the help of technology!


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