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A Letter for Customers

2020-01-18  allpcb team

Dear Customers,


Chinese Spring Festival is coming, here and now we would like to send you our sincerest holiday greetings.


In the past year, ALLPCB has made great progresses. We know that all of these can’t be separated from your trust, support and feedback, which has given us tremendous strength. On the joyous festival, I would like express our cordial appreciations to you!

In the days to come, ALLPCB will certainly remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind.


Achievement in 2019


Product quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise, only higher-quality products can win customers. In 2019, we have introduced the most advanced machines and process technologies, achieving a comprehensive upgrade of production equipment, to satisfy customers’ personalized needs.

AISCENT Laser LDI Exposure Machine: No artificial film alignment required, higher accuracy of alignment and imaging, higher productivity parameters and quality.

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Tongtai High-Precision Drilling Machine:Imported AC servo motor adopted, high-load and -precision ball screw, high stability during operation.


Laser Cutting Forming Machine: Higher dimensional accuracy, smooth board cutting without spurrs.

High-Speed Flying Probe Tester: Functional open and short circuits 100% tested, 0 missed rate, 100% yield.

Beautiful Routing Machine: Dual-table independent motion design adopted, positioning accuracy of 0.02mm / 300mm reached, high flexibility and molding speed.

High-Speed Text Inkjet: Digital printing, multi-head technology, motion control, ink control, making characters on the surface clearer and more beautiful.


Another determining part of product quality is raw materials. Why does ALLPCB insist on adopting high-quality materials for prototyping? It is because we firmly believe that good materials are the guarantee of high quality. ALLPCB never compromises on quality.



Comprehensive intelligent production is the guarantee of the ultra-fast delivery and quality stability. As the pioneer of "24-Hour Delivery, No Expedited Fee" in the industry, ALLPCB always insists on intelligentization to promote the efficiency of management and production. Intelligent quote system, customer service system, intelligent panelization system, intelligent materials management system, OEE monitoring system and other full-link intelligence means are the cornerstone of ALLPCB’s speed and quality.


The utilization of equipment in factories.

The real-time visualization of production progress, which can monitor the change time of utilization and load time of the equipment in real time, effectively reduce the equipment failure rate, and improve the production efficiency and quality.


Intelligent material management system in the component warehouse.

The component warehouse has been equipped with the intelligent material management system, to speed up the sorting efficiency.



EQ customer inquiry system.

The system plays a role of direct bridge between customers and engineers,which can reduce the involvement of the salesman and ensure the accuracy of customers’ needs. Therefore, problems can be solved more quickly, and details can be archived and traced more easily.


Intelligent customer service system.

The customer service is available 24 hours and 7 days. The communication efficiency has been significantly improved. After Service ended, the staff would be scopred by the customer. So far, the customer service satisfaction has been up to 99.9%.


One-Stop Service

ALLPCB keeps exploring and innovating to expand its boundaries. In 2019, ALLPCB truly achieved PCBA one-stop shopping service, including PCB prototypes, small batch orders, intelligent components ordering, double-sided SMT placement service and so on.



In order to enhance the interaction with our customers, we also launched many activities in 2019, which have also greatly improved our brand cognitive and influence.

1. Free shipping worldwide launched in November (up to $25).

2. Price off from $5 to $1.99 for special PCB.

3. 20% off for all PCB products in November.

4. 40-50% off for PCBA orders in December.


Prospect for 2020

In the past year, the collaborative manufacturing super factory model has been proved to accord with the trend of development, Big Data Center has been established, and the Pre-A round of financing has been smoothly completed.


In 2020, we will insist on the developing strategy of "five verticals and three horizontals, gradually promoted, two sides integrated, go hand in hand", and be committed to building Electronics Collaborative Manufacturing System (ECMS), and "create value for customers" as our responsibility and moving forward.

Let's seize the day and live it to the full!


Best Regards,



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