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2017 PCB Price Adjustment Announcement

2017-02-16  ALLPCB Team

Dear Valued Customers,

With the fast development of electronic products, there is a great leap in PCB industry. Over the past decade, the global PCB industry continues to migrate to Asia, especially in China. China has rapidly become the major producer of electronic products and PCBs. According to prediction of Prismark, China's output in 2017 will reach 29.1 billion dollars while the global output is 64.6 billion dollars, more than 45%.

Global PCB Industry Output

However, the capacity of China is limited against the rapid development. The shortage of raw materials, such as copper foil, glass fiber, glass cloth and other chemical materials, results in a series of price increase. Since March 2016, raw material suppliers, like Kingboard and Shengyi, have raised price several times almost with a percent of 50%, which causes the price increase in the whole PCB supply chain.



Price Increase  Details




1st July, 2016


CCL:6%,  PP:3%

28th July, 2016


CCL:8%,  PP:5%

29th July, 2016


CCL:10%,  PP:10%, Copper foil:10%

15th August, 2016

Nanya,  ITEQ, EMC


16th August, 2016

Jiangxi  Copper

Copper  foil: 3-4 RMB/KG

18th August, 2016

Longxing  Electronic


29th August, 2016


Copper  foil:80 RMB/KG

1st September, 2016



20th-26th September, 2016

SHENGYI,  Kingboard, ITEQ

CCL:5%-10%,  PP:5%

18th October, 2016


CCL:  10 RMB

19th October, 2016


CCL:10%,  PP: 5%

19th October, 2016


Aluminum:20%,  FR-4:40%

20th October, 2016

Shangdong  Jinbao


7th November, 2016


10  RMB

10th November, 2016


CCL,  PP, Copper foil: 10%

8th December, 2016


FR-4  10%

14th February, 2017

Jiangsu  Xingyuan

XPC:3  RMB, FR-1:5 RMB, FR-4: 10-15 RMB

15th February, 2017

Shangdong  Jinbao

Copper  foil: 4000RMB per ton

The followings are the notices from some famous raw material suppliers:

ALLPCB will accordingly adjust the prices. Adjustment details as bellowing:

1. The price of PCB prototype will rise only about 3%.

2. The price of PCBs within 100mm*100mm remains unchanged. You can still enjoy the $5 special offer PCBs.

3. The volume PCB production remains unchanged.

4. The price adjustment will be valid from 16th February, 2017.

ALLPCBis always committed to help our customers save cost and offer better purchase experience. We cannot stop the price increase of raw materials, but except DHL, we are trying to cooperate with another famous express company FedEx, which will help to reduce a lot of shipping costs for customers.

Any question, please feel free to contact us at

Best regards,


Made in China, loved by the world!


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