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Incoming Inspection of Finished PCB

When the PCB boards are completed, a series of inspection should be done. Take production copies for example, it should have at least a cursory inspection. Besides, the manufacturers should have a quality inspection of the final board in addition to an inspection at each process. Nevertheless, it is up to purchaser to verify the boards have been built to the specification. Actually, internal properties and materials can’t be verified, but many other aspects can and should be verified. Now let’s briefly introduce the incoming inspection of finished PCB.




Does the appearance match artwork?

Once you’ve received the PCBs, you can check if the appearance matches artwork firstly.Try to verify the locations of text and lines are correct and all the holes are in proper location(by vision).Additionally, please ensure that all extra markings are correct.


Are layers registered?

Apart from that, incoming inspection of finished PCB should also include layers registration check. Whether the layer is registered or not can be verified, including mask and silk screen, using datums internal for the alignment process.


Adhesion test

The adhesion test may be a bit easier than the previous two, you can do so simply by placing a piece of tape on plating and remove. If plating is removed with the tape, then the plating may be inadequate.


This is a brief introduction of incoming inspection of finished PCB, but it deserves your attention because of its importance. Not all specifications require inspection, but time will prove that a few minutes of inspection will avoid hours of troubleshooting, hours of complain with manufacturers, and so on.

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