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You Can Get Fast Prototype PCBs Here - ALLPCB.com

What would you most concern when you purchase prototype PCBs? Time matters! Of course, fast prototype PCBs will be more popular among buyers, especially those who badly need PCBs for programs, etc. Thus, every minute counts and should be saved to make the boards come to you in the quickest possible way. Considering that, ALLPCB.com creates its own ways to save time and offers fast prototype PCBs to you.



Instant quotation saves time

ALLPCB.com pays close attention to time saving from the very beginning, and developed the online quotation system. With which, you can get the pricing information of your PCBs instantly online by inputting a few parameters and specifications. Importantly, there is no need to register or input your email address, saving you more time!


EPR software

Moreover, the EPR software of ALLPCB.com connects all the parties involved in the PCB ordering, engineering and manufacturing together, shortening the communication time of different sectors. So it also greatly contributes to the time saving.


Quick delivery

Besides, we endeavor to ensure the quick and safe delivery by cooperating only with those world renowned express companies like DHL, SF Express, and so on. Based on customer convenience, ALLPCB.com has made electronic sheets in its website including Lead Time for Different Prototypes and Delivery Date for Major Countries. That helps you get a better time reference. Additionally, your PCBs can be ready for shipment in 24 hours if you choose our expedited service.


To sum up, all these conveniences contribute to the saving your precious time and get fast prototype PCBs in ALLPCB.com, and we’ll try to save you more in the future, waiting your witness!