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Learn Some Information Required for Auto Assembly

Compared with manual assembly, auto assembly requires additional information from the designer, in addition to the standard information. So to speak, effective communication between designers andassembly house lays a solid foundation for qualified auto assembly. On the contrary, the lack of information transfer will influence the result of auto assembly. Hence, it is fairly necessary to learn some required elements for auto assembly which can be briefly described as follows.


Part of the centroid text file & rotation in ASCⅡformat

When place a component, the centroid file with reference designators is used to recognize the center part, while the rotation displays the orientation of the components. So, both of them are the required elements for auto assembly.


Numerical control (NC) drill files & solder paste file

NC drill files are regarded to locate mounting holes and offer the hole sizes for thru-hole components, which also allows the assembly house to confirm the adequate clearance for the component lead. As for solder paste file, it functions in masking the entire board except those areas that will be soldered.




Parts list or BOM (bill of material)

A bill of material or parts list is used to reference the designators of the centroid file and the components to be mounted. Besides, more information should be provided by the BOM if component belongs to a surface mount or a through-hole one. Namely, the part list or BOM is also the required elements for auto assembly.


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