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Copper Foil in Printed Circuit Board

Copper foil, a kind of negative electrolytic material, is deposited on base layer of PCB to form continuous metal foil and it is also named as the conductor of PCB. It is easily bonded to the insulating layer and able to be printed with a protective layer and form circuit pattern after etching.

Copper foil has low rate of surface oxygen and can be attached with a variety of different substrates, such as metal, insulating materials. And copper foil is mainly applied in electromagnetic shielding and antistatic. To place the conductive copper foil on the substrate surface and combined with the metal substrate, it will provide excellent continuity and electromagnetic shielding. It can be divided into: self-adhesive copper foil, single side copper foil, double side copper foil and the like.

Copper Foil

Copper Foil

Electronic grade copper foil, with the purity of 99.7% and thickness of 5um-105um, is one of the basic materials to achieve the rapid development of electronic information industry. The amount of electronic grade copper foil is growing. It is widely used in industrial use calculators, communications equipment, QA equipment, lithium ion battery, TVs, VCRs, CD players, copiers, telephones, air conditioners, automotive electronic parts, etc.

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