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Bed-of-Nails Test in Electrical Testing

Bed-of-Nails, also called ICT test fixture, is a non - Standard Test to test the online components to check PCB manufacturing defects and bad components using the electrical properties of auxiliary fixture. It is mainly used to test that whether components of PCB boards are open, short circuit or single welding inspection. It is mainly used for mass production.

Bed-of-Nails Test

Bed-of-Nails Test

Online testing is usually the first step in PCB manufacturing process, and it can respond to the problems of printed circuit boards in a timely manner, in favor of process improvement and upgrading. In Bed-of-Nails testing, the faults of the test are located directly on the specific components, the device pins and the network points, and the fault location is accurate, besides, it can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. You don’t need more professional knowledge of failure maintenance. The program is under control of automated testing, so the operation is simple, fast and rapid test.

Bed-of-Nails Test itself due to the limitation of principle and method, faced with severe technological challenges. But as I described above, there still has advantages other methods don’t have. With the use of new and improved technology and fixture technology, it will also have strong vitality in the field of electrical testing.

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