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When Shall We Adopt Auto Assembly?

As we all know, auto assembly refers to an automated process that most components are placed and soldered to the printed circuit board by machine, which is widely used to various types of applications. Nevertheless, auto assembly is not always suitable in every board and we’d better know when we should adopt it. As a matter of fact, auto assembly should be mainly determined by factors including complexity, time and volume.


Auto PCB Assembly


Frequently speaking, there are different levels of complexity, such as SMT, tight pitch SMT, and a design with ball grid array ICs or sockets. When the complexity becomes an incontrovertible factor, then auto assembly may not be a choice but a necessity.



Time comes into account in almost all situations. If the large volume PCB is required, then the time factor should be paid great attention and saving more time should be your priority. Thus, auto assembly will be a wise choice as the time reduced from which may outweigh the cost.



When a board is of low complexity and the time is not very urgent any more, volume turns to be a driving force in determining the need for auto assembly. Even though the cost of manual assembly may be relatively low initially, you should reconsider the decision carefully when the cost of manual assembly exceeds that of auto assembly.


Having learned these determinants, you probably will be clearer about when to adopt auto assembly.

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