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Multi-Layer PCB Mega Sale Info

Since our company invested in the establishment of high precision PCB factory last year, we have been adhering to the spirit of scientific and technological innovation. We‘ve constantly breaking the PCB capability limits, in the field of high and multi-layer PCB production and manufacturing.
In order to let more customers know our high multi-layer PCB, experience our high multi-layer PCB products, we hereby launch a super discount activity!

No Tricks, Pure Discount
Terms & Condictions
  • As long as your order is more than 4layers and the amount fills the bill, the system will apply the discount to your order automatically.Order now
  • Each order can only apply one coupon. E.g. A 4000usd 6layers order can enjoy $200 discount. A 8000usd 4 layers order can enjoy $300 discount etc.
  • It can also apply to more than 4layers PCBA order :)
  • You can enjoy the discount from 1st Oct to 30th Dec.
  • No limits to the number of discounts! Fully Enjoy the ’Mega Sales‘ Party!
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