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Introduction to the Annual Conference

January 13, 2020, ALLPCB annual company conference was grandly held in Landison HSD Plaza Hotel Hangzhou.The whole conference consists of three major parts: CEO speech,  performance by employees, dinner party. view more..

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    Show Review

    • Kungfu Show

    • Group Dance

    • Poetry Recitation

    • Drumming Show

    • Youth Dance

    • Annual Conference

    Highlights of 2019
    • January 27

      January 27

      WUJI& COLLABORATION Spring Festival conference.
    • February 12

      February 12

      ALLPCB top management team hiking to pray for customers.
    • February 26

      February 26

      ALLPCB's SMT supply chain team was founded.
    • March 23

      March 23

      ALLPCB's components supply chain team was founded.
    • April 24

      April 24

      Daily files exceeded 5000!
    • May 10

      May 10

      Donated to Hangzhou Carnation Children's Rehabilitation Center.
    • June 27

      June 27

      Awarded as a model for digital transformation of Hangzhou's traditional foreign trade manufacturing enterprises.
    • July 10

      July 10

      ALLPCB's daily order area exceeded 1350 square meters.
    • August 28

      August 28

      Attended the 6th Shenzhen International Circuit Board Procurement Exhibition 2019.
    • September 11-13

      September 11-13

      ALLPCB attended NEPCON Vietnam.
    • September 25

      September 25

      ALLPCB completed Pre-A round financing of 30 million RMB.
    • October 11

      October 11

      Attend China International Digital Economy Expo 2019.
    • October 12

      October 12

      ALLPCB expanded to the 15th floor of Suntiandy Building, which was for increasing new staff and projects.
    • October 30

      October 30

      Attend the 94th (autumn) china electronics show.
    • November


      Free shipping worldwide (up to $25).
    • November


      20% off for all PCB products.
    • November 18

      November 18

      ALLPCB self-operating components platform was founded.
    • December


      Rated as one of the top 100 industrial internet enterprises in China in 2019.
    • December


      40%-50% off for all PCBA orders.
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    A Letter to Customers

    Dear Customers,

    Chinese Spring Festival is coming, here and now we would like to send you our sincerest holiday greetings.

    In the past year, ALLPCB has made great progresses. We know that all of these can’t be separated from your trust, support and feedback, which has given us tremendous strength. On the joyous festival, I would like express our cordial appreciations to you! In the days to come, ALLPCB will certainly remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind.

    In 2019, we made a lot of efforts on "quality", "service", "delivery" and "price", and have presented our customers as well as the whole industry with a satisfactory report.

    Product quality is always the lifeblood of ALLPCB, and also the best promise we can give you all. We have introduced the most advanced machines and process technologies to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of production equipment. The added AISCENT Laser LDI Exposure Machine, Tongtai High-Precision Drilling Machine, Laser Cutting Forming Machine, High-Speed Digital Printing Machine, Beautiful Routing Machine, High-speed Flying Probe Tester, etc., are all our efforts to ensure the products quality.

    As the pioneer of "24-Hour Delivery, No Expedited Fee" in the industry, ALLPCB always insists on intelligentization to promote the efficiency of management and production. Intelligent customer service system, intelligent panelization, intelligent materials management system, OEE monitoring system and other full-link intelligence means are guaranteeing ALLPCB’s speed and quality.

    ALLPCB keeps exploring and innovating to expand its boundaries. In 2019, ALLPCB truly achieved PCBA one-stop shopping service, including PCB prototypes, small batch orders, intelligent components sourcing, PCB assembly service and so on.

    Besides, in order to enhance the interaction with our customers, we also launched many activities in 2019, such as “free shipping”, “$1.99 PCB” and “refund for overdue orders”, which have also greatly improved our brand cognitive and influence.

    In 2019, we have obtained innumerable great achievements: successful collaborative manufacturing super factory, Wuji Big Data Center, the Pre-A round Financing… In 2020, we will be committed to building Electronics Collaborative Manufacturing System (ECMS), and insist on "create value for customers" as our responsibility and moving forward.

    Let's seize the day and live it to the full. Please witness the better ALLPCB with us.

    Best Regards,


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