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6 Layer PCB - Stackup & Prototype

What is a 6 Layer PCB

A 6 layer PCB board is in general a 4 layer PCB board with 2 extra signal layers added between the planes. The 6-layer PCB classic stackup includes 4 routing layers (2 outer layers + 2 internal layers) and 2 internal planes (one for ground and the other for power). This enhances the EMI dramatically by offering 2 buried layers for high-speed signals and 2 surface layers for routing low speed signals. The signal layers should be closed to the adjacent planes.

6 Layer PCB

6 Layer PCB

Standard 6 Layer PCB Stackup

Standard 6 Layer PCB Stackup


The design above is the standard 6 Layer PCB stackup. But it is not suitable for every design. For example, high speed designs will typically always keep power and ground planes on adjacent layers for decoupling and designs that require low electromagnetic emissions may need to utilize additional ground planes for shielding. One final practicality to consider, always route traces perpendicular on adjacent routing layers. This can help to increase routing efficiency and minimizes crosstalk.



Here is the 6 Layer PCB Stackup from ALLPCB:

6 Layer PCB Stackup from ALLPCB 

6 Layer PCB Stackup from ALLPCB


 Here are some examples for other 6 Layer PCB Stackup:

 6 Layer PCB Stackup.png

 6 Layer PCB Stackup


 6 Layer PCB Stackup

 6 Layer PCB Stackup

If you want to know more about other layer PCB Stackup, such as 8 layer pcb stackup, you can click this pdf for reference.

4-16 Layer PCB Stackup.pdf

Price of 6 Layer PCB Prototype


ALLPCB is a reputable PCB fab house with good pricing on 6-layer PCB prototype. We can supply our customers with a RoHS compliant 6 layer PCB board using laminate materials that can be matched up with the exposure to high temperatures during your assembly processes.


On, the Pricing of 6 layer PCB prototype can be as low as $164. Your order will shipped within 72 hours. We charge no expedited fee and offer free shipping worldwide service now! You can get a instant online quote for 6 layer PCB, simply by entering some specifications, such as the pcb board dimensions, quantity, etc.

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