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Do you want to learn 2 sided PCBs price easily?

As we all know, 2 layer PCB is also named as doubled-sided PCB within two layers coppers for electric conduction. What’s more, they also allow for closer (and perhaps more) routing traces by alternating between top and bottom layer using vias. All these contribute to the merits of 2 sided PCBs such as more flexibility for designers, increased circuit density and reduced board size. Thanks to so many advantages, 2 sided PCBs are used widely in various applications with an increasing demand. Thus, it is quite necessary to learn 2 Sided PCBs Price clearly. Actually, you can easily learn this just by

2 Sided PCBs Price

Instant Quote

When visiting, you can find the 2-layer PCB prototype and the corresponding price at the first sight. Then you can view more information by clicking the button of buying now. After that you will come to the online quote page in which you can get the instant price simply by entering several parameters of PCB.


More Comparability

Besides that, also brings you more comparability by displaying more detailed information such as prices from different manufacturers. More importantly, you’re also able to compare key factors including lead time, manufacturing certification as well as quality assurance. So to speak, all the information you want to learn has been collected by for your reference, which is aiming to help you pick out the best 2 Sided PCBs Price.

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