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Good 1 layer PCB service in ALLPCB.com

As is well known, 1 layer PCB is also named as single-sided PCB within only one layer copper for electrical conduction. Although 1 layer PCB belongs to the basic PCB board, it is widely applied in different areas. Thus, we will always need this type of board and the corresponding 1 layer PCB service. Fortunately, ALLPCB.com can fully meet your demand.


1 layer PCB service

Manufacture service

Above all, you can enjoy high quality 1 layer PCBs resulted from excellent manufacture service in ALLPCB.com. As a matter of fact, ALLPCB.com treats the fabrication service as one of its priorities and keeps great efforts on it. For example, we will strictly inspect PCB manufacturers in terms of manufacture capacity and certification before they join ALLPCB.com. Thus we only cooperate with those that have passed our auditing and still keep tracking the manufacture process. All these ensure the 1 layer PCB service brought by ALLPCB.com is excellent enough.


Customer service

Moreover, ALLPCB.com also presents you with considerate customer service. Considering the time difference of buyer abroad, we’re online and at your service 24 hours every day. For the sake of helping you out whenever you’re facing difficulties, we’re well trained with both English communicate skills and professional PCB knowledge.


In all, ALLPCB.com deserves your attention for good 1 layer PCB service.