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In assembly the bare board is populated with electronic components, called a "printed circuit board assembly" (PCBA). In through-hole technology, the component leads are inserted in holes surrounded by conductive pads; In surface-mount technology (SMT), the component is placed on the PCB so that the pins line up with the conductive pads or lands on the surfaces of the PCB.

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maximum storage time for different companent

Hi All, We find out that some companents in leed free reflow soldering process have bad wetting and soldering This soldering problems caused by companent storage time after shipment Could somebody inf... (See More)

2017-02-28 22:17:54
0 answers

lead free through hole

Hi We are experiencing different failure modes between leaded and lead free through hole assemblies. The boards are PTH. In the case of lead free boards we are seeing fracturing of the component legs ... (See More)

2017-02-28 22:04:26
0 answers

Flux or Solder Paste?

We are going to start doing rework of Lead Free BGA's. Have always used flux for SN/Pb boards/BGA's with good results. Can flux be used fro lead free as well? Boards were originally assembled using le... (See More)

2017-02-28 21:50:56
0 answers

upgrade the sigmapro MPM UP1500 Software

Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the sigmapro software on these machines to a newer version? We are running version 6.35.19 and it just really sucks. Is it possible to go up to say versio... (See More)

Andre Bosshard
2017-02-28 21:47:15
4 answers

pros and cons of pasting ahead?

Hi all, What are the pro's and cons of pasting ahead? The definition of pasting ahead for this question is the act of pasting 10 or 15 pc boards and then running then repeat. I do not like this ... (See More)

Dimitri Tskhovrebadz
2017-02-28 21:46:56
Thomas van Veen
2017-03-02 21:46:56
4 answers

research on SMT machines

Hi all, I am doing some research on SMT machines. I would like as many people as possible to rate the following machines 1-6. The number 1 would be the best, number 6, the least desirable of the 6. I ... (See More)

2017-02-28 21:36:34
2017-03-02 21:36:34
0 answers

correct way to obtain the accurate temperature profiling for oven reflow?

Hi all, Is there anyone know the correct way to obtain the accurate temperature profiling for oven reflow? Are below claims true? (1) Instead of full components on the PCBA (Motherboard), ... (See More)

2017-02-28 21:30:16
4 answers

Wave solder joint on PTH part

Hello all, We have resently run across a solder joint from a through hole part that looks to have a wrinkle effect (star look) from the wave? No pattern it just happens here and there, and some of the... (See More)

2017-02-28 21:28:41
Antal Levente
2017-03-02 21:28:41
4 answers

using thick tape on quad feeders

Does anyone have a solution to using thick tape on quad feeders? The feeders are not strong enough to handle the thicker carrier tape. This causes much downtime and frustration. (See More)

Radu Seica
2017-02-28 21:22:51
2017-03-02 21:22:51
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SAC 305 Reflow & SN100C Wave and Selective

Is there anybody out there doing this scenario: SAC 305 Reflow & SN100C Wave and Selective Can the 2 alloys be mixed on 1 board, say, SAC 305 for SMT, and SN100C for thru-hole? Are 2 d... (See More)

2017-02-28 21:18:55
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