pros and cons of pasting ahead?

2017/2/28 21:46:56

Hi all,
What are the pro's and cons of pasting ahead? The definition of pasting ahead for this question is the act of pasting 10 or 15 pc boards and then running then repeat. I do not like this philosophy. I'd prefer to paste, run, reflow then repeat. This eliminates the amount of time between paste application and the pc's entrance into reflow. The fresher the paste the better the solder joint. My dilema here is upper management wants the two lines to share one stencil printer thus saving the cost of purchasing a second printer. They propose to paste ahead, allow second runner to change stencils, paste their pc's, and so on. If shifts end approaches, they offer to store the pasted pc boards in a refridgerator overnight until population the next day. Help!! Does anyone out there find this to be a bit odd? Where could I find articles or documentation frowning upon pasting ahead? If I had something written by an "expert" maybe management would leave me alone and simply purchase a second stencil printer. Thanks for any suggestions you have.


2017/3/2 21:46:56

I have truly impressed by your post. Please keep us up to date like this.

Thomas van Veen

2017/3/2 21:46:56

Truly enjyed reading your posts.

Adrian Voroniuc

2017/3/2 21:46:56

An interesting post.


2017/3/2 21:46:56

Your post answered my questions. Thanks a lot.

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