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2-40 Multi-layer
PCB Manufacture

Perfect quality assurance system,

offering great technical support for high-end multilayer PCB manufacturing

PCB Prototype Capability

Specification Standard Specification Customized Specification
Layers 1-12 Layer 1-40 Layer
Material fr-4 Rogers, Normal Tg FR4, Normal Tg FR4 (Halogen Free), High CTI, High Tg FR4, Ceramic Filled High-frequency Material, PTFE High-frequency Material, Hybrid Material
Thickness 0.8-1.6mm 0.2-6.0mm
Copper Weight 35μm 0.5oz-14oz
Trace/Spacing 6mil 2mil
Min. Hole Size 0.3mm 0.1mm
Delivery Time 4 Days (Double-sided) 1 Day (Double-sided)
Surface Finish HASL/ HASL Lead Free Immersion Gold, Hard Gold Plating (Ni/ Ni Free), Gold Finger, HASL, OSP, ENEPIG, Soft Gold Plating (Ni/ Ni Free), Immersion Sliver, Immersion Tin, ENIG+OSP, ENIG+G/F, Gold Plating+G/F, Immersion Tin+G/F
Test Standard/Certificate IPC-A-600H IPC-A-600H \IPC-A-610E \GB4588ISO9001,ISO14001,UL,TS16949,OHSAS18001,CQC,GJB9001
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Why choose ALLPCB for PCB prototype manufacturing?

Strict Quality Control

  • 1. Certified by the quality control system specially for military, communications, automotive, medical, power, industrial control, security, etc.
  • 2. Certified by ISO9001,CQC
  • 3. Strict accordance with IPC standards and customers’ demands to ensure the high quality of PCBs
  • 4. Strict implementation of quality PDCA process, improve the performance of our multilayer PCBs

Advanced Technology

  • 1. Max. Layer: 40 layer; Min. Track/Spacing: 3/3 mil; Aspect Ratio: 13:1; Thickness: 6.5 mm; Max .Dimension: 500*900 mm
  • 2. High-precision mechanical and laser depth controlled technology, to achieve multi-stage slot and meet the different assembly demands
  • 3. High-precision tooling lamination technology and mature hybrid lamination technology, to achieve the hybrid of FR-4, PTEE and high frequency materials

Top Technical Capacity

  • 1. Professional team with more than 100 experienced technicians, offering you the best service
  • 2. One-to-One customer service for every customer to offer instant tracking and ensure excellent quality and service
  • 3. Powerful IT support to optimize the production quality and efficiency

Advanced Test Equipment

  • 1. Imported equipments like automatic plating line, Orbotech LDI, BURKLE laminator, Mitsubishi laser driller, SCHMOLL driller, vacuum resin filling machine and Anderson modeling machine, to meet the production demands of multilayer and high- precision PCBs
  • 2. 100% AOI test to reduce the defects in electronic test
  • 3. More than 20 high test equipments like reflow soldering, thermal shock, high power microscope, RoHS tester, hole cooper thickness tester, impedance control tester, and Au Ni thickness tester, etc.

Top Raw Material Supplier

  • 1. Established long-term strategic cooperation with top raw material suppliers like ROGERS, TACONIC, ARLON, ISOLA, Bergquist, Shengyi and ITEQ, etc.
  • 2. ROHMHAAS plating liquid, HITACHI dry film, TAIYO ink

Cases of Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards