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PCB Prototyping in China

● Low cost & High quality
● Mature Industry Chain


PCB Prototyping in China

With the rapid development of PCB industry, China has become the leading country for PCB manufacturing around the world, especially in PCB prototyping and small volume production. There are more than 3000 PCB manufacturers in China. And they are mainly located in Yangtze River Delta and Zhuhai Delta that take up 90% of PCB manufacturers in China.

For the low cost of China PCB prototyping, China has attracted a great number of oversea customers. And there is tendency that the central of global PCB manufacturing is transferring to China. Besides, high quality of PCB manufacturing earns high reputation for China. More and more PCB customers come into China to purchase or fabricate PCB.

Besides, with the policy of government, China has built several mature PCB industry chains in some areas, especially in Shenzhen. Shenzhen process several mature PCB manufacturing chains, which contributes to the fame as “The Silicon Valley of China” and promotes economic growth of Shenzhen and the development of electrical industry in China.

The Silicon Valley of China

The Silicon Valley of China

PCB prototyping is a way to test the quality of PCB manufacturing before the mass production.The guarantee for quality and low cost makes China PCB prototyping more competitive around the world. With the further support of government, China will definitely become the center of PCB manufacture.

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