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The latest generation of ASM Assembly machine sets new records in speed, performance and accuracy for high-volume production applications

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Terms & Conditions:

1. This activity is available from the beginning of October to the end of December.
2. PCB is free under our standard specifications: Max100*150mm, 1 to 4layers, 5pcs.
3. All components must be purchased by ALLPCB.
4. There is no limit to the number of solder joints, max 60 types of components.
5. Special processes such as conformal coating, X-ray, and function tests are also free.
6. Freight and other miscellaneous fees are not included.
7. This event adopts the online application system. ALLPCB has the right of final interpretation.
8. In principle, each enterprise can only participate once.
9. This activity is only for enterprises, governments and scientific research organizations.

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