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Professional & Reliable Factory Picture Show

From components to pcba, full factory details for your reference

PCB Raw Material Warehouse

3000㎡ warehouse, more than 300,000pcs sheets in stock


Dongtai brand drilling machine, min-drilling head 0.1mm

Copper Plating

High-end brands, with copper plating uniformity of more than 96%

Trace/ Soldermask

LDI laser exposure, integrated production equipments, line width & spacing can be as small as 4mil


Automatic optical inspection, eliminate all hidden quality problems


Fully automatic CNC or V-cut based on your design

Flying Probe Test

Ultra-high-speed automatic flying probe test to ensure no open circuit in your PCB


Vacuum packaging to prevent oxidation and safe transportation

Components Counting

Check the information of the components to ensure that everything is the same as your bom


The intelligent warehouse has reached 5,000㎡, the inventory is 180,000, no need to wait

Solder Pads Comparing

Carefully check whether the packaging of the component is consistent with the pads on board to avoid problems

Stencil and PCB Fixture

Laser cutting stencil and fixture, accuracy is in the leading position in China

PCB Upload Machine

Fully automatic PCB loading machine, greatly improves efficiency and reduce costs

GKG Solder Paste Printer

Visual processing of high resolution, suspension adaptive scraper. Process min 50*50mm PCB and up to 400*340mm

Sinic-Tek Solder Paste Inspection

The real-time SPC information display, complete and various SPC tool that allows our worker to real-time monitor problems in the production

Siemens SMD Assembly

The latest generation of ASM Assembly machine sets new records in speed, performance and accuracy for high-volume production applications

Reflow Oven

8 different temperature zones, from environment temperature to max 300 degrees

TR7700 3D AOI

5-megapixel industrial cameras with a resolution of 15μm, detects leaks, reverse, deviations, breakage, air welding, and some other problems

CTW DIP Machine

Automatic DIP machine greatly improves the DIP efficiency and reduces the risk of dislocation

JT SE350 Wave Soldering Machine

Automatic temperature control, uniform and stable solder paste control system

AX8200 X-ray/ Testing

High-precision X-ray as well as a full range of functional testing to ensure foolproof your PCB


Shielding bag prevents electrostatic damage,Barrier packaging protects PCB during the transportation