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CometCAD is circuit schematic and layout editor program for Windows 2k, XP, Vista and 7.

Circuit Editor:

  • multi sheet circuit schematics
  • maximum sheet size 2 m * 2 m
  • symbol rotation with 90 degree steps
  • net list transfer to PCB (forward annotation)
  • part list outputs
  • SPICE net list output

Layout (PCB) Editor:

  • 1/2 copper layers
  • internal resolution one micrometer
  • maximum PCB size and number of package pins depends on level
  • copper planes and design rule checks
  • possibility to adjust trace width between corner points
  • component rotation with 90 degree steps
  • CAM output (gerber, drill, pick and place) files
  • PCB border can have polygon shape
  • milled PCB gaps/cuts and round holes are possible
  • possibility to create rectangular multi-PCB panels