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Panel For Example Panel For Example Panel For Example


Published on 2021/11/10 12:33:32

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Components Used in the Project

  • Slide Switch *1
  • Tacile Switch *14
  • 5way multi functional switch *1
  • ATMega328P *1
  • CH330N *1
  • 128x64 OLED *1
  • Buzzer *1
  • Micro USB Connector *1
  • AAA Battery holder *2


# What is PiPoPa? PiPoPa looks like a feature phone, but It is not. Nowadays a smartphone win in the mobile area. In Japan, almost all people use smartphone (iPhone, android), it is hard to find who use feature phone. But I like feature phone, there are many buttons and more slim than smart phone, it is only designed to call, and it is nostalgic. So I created PiPoPa. PiPoPa is feature phone shaped Arduino. PiPoPa doesn't communicate to the network( It is useless!!) . But PiPoPa is Arduino, you can make a program as you like. You can make any application, timer, memo pad, dot graphics editor, games, and so on. PiPoPa is useless as a feature phone, but useful as a rapid portable prototyping tool. `PiPoPa` is sound of push buttons. # PiPoPa's feature - PiPoPa have 14 keys. 1 key is for wake up from deep sleep. Other 13 key is wired by matrics. - PiPoPa have 5 way multi funcional switch. It is good to move cursor and play games. - PiPoPa have USB port, You can flash program via USB port of PiPoPa. CH330 is IC to convert from USB to Serial. - PiPoPa havee 5v boost up converter, If you want 5v power by HT7750, you can implement 5v boost converter. It is optional. - PiPoPa have 128x64 OLED display. u8g2 library make you easier to draw graphics to this OLED. - PiPoPa has Buzzer. You can make any sounds. - 3D printed enclosure. - PiPoPa have ICSP port for debugging. - PiPiPa runs 2x AAA battery, so you can mobile PiPoPa as you go. - PiPoPa supports AVR's deep sleep mode, you can save battery with this mode. - PiPoPa have extra 7x GPIO port for prototyping. You can connect any devices to PiPoPa. - PiPoPa have extra I2C port for prototyping. You can connect any I2C devices to PiPoPa. # Components used in te project - Slide Switcch (power switch) - Switches x 14 - 5way multi functional switch - ATmega328p (main CPU) - CH330N (USB to serial converter) - HT7750 (optional, 5v boost up converter) - 128x64 OLED (connected by I2C) - Buzzer - Micro USB connector - AAA Battery holder # Sticking points - PiPoPa board size is in 100x33 you can panelize 3 PiPoPas in 10cm x 10cm. - 2x AAA battery it is long life than CR2032. - Draw my icon on the board ;)



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