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*FR-4 Kingboard is only available for 1-2 layer boards > 1㎡ with qty > 30pcs;
Only single-sided available for CEM-1 and aluminum boards.
Panel Way:
*order:Vertical X Horizontal
*Panelization Detail

Image for panelized board ↓ (for reference only)Scaling:/1

0.00 mm


Edge Rail:
Edge-Rail Width:
*min 3mm
Panel Separating Way:
Heat Conductivity:
Finished Copper (outer):
Min Spacing:
Surface Finish:
Immersion gold Thickness:
Golden Finger Beveling:
Via Process:
*For Gerber files, this choice is useless.It will be made according to files as default.
Test Method:

Additional Options (BGA, Impedance Control..etc)

Impedance Control:
Impedance Control Report:

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Project Panel Board Service HASL Testing Color Others

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We fabricate PCBs from 1 layer to 40 layers. Our capabilities include HDI PCBs, Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs and Rigid-Flex PCBs. For very sophisticated PCBs, we can go down to 1.25 mils trace width / spacing. We can service all your high-tech PCB requirements such as special materials, special thicknesses, blind/buried vias, metal cores, filled vias, stacked or staggered laser vias, 0.5 mm pitch BGAs, etc.Please kindly email to service@ALLPCB.com for more request !

Image for required panelization way ↓ (for reference only)


0.00 mm


Image for ALLPCB recommended panelization way ↓ (for reference only)


0.00 mm


0.00mm X 10.00mm X 1 is recommended,
Finished panel dimension:mm X mm,
If rail edge is required, adding on the longer side is recommended

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