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The current situation of China PCB

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The current situation of China PCB

Currently, there are about 2,800 printed circuit board manufacturers around the world, mainly in the China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, North America and Europe. Every area has its own characteristics and advantages of PCB, briefly summarized as following: Taiwan has mature electronic industry and complete PCB production chain. The most PCB products in Japan are sold in domestic markets. North America only remains some top PCB products in military, space and communication. In Korea the most PCB manufacturers are big enterprises, looking for OEM partners, such as China PCB manufacturers. Because of expensive labor cost and strict environmental regulations, many manufacturers in Europe have suspended their PCB production.

Compared with all above, China PCB has the most outstanding development, and has exceeded Taiwan, North America and Japan, becoming the biggest production foundation of PCB. The main production capacity concentrates in Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai region, where many best PCB manufacturers are located in. Now most of the China PCB manufacturers specialize in PCB prototype, small volume and mass production of single sided board, double sided board, multilayer board, flexible board. With the foreign invest and development of domestic PCB technology, some top China PCB manufacturers can offer the prototype and small volume of HDI and substrate board. Multilayer board is still the main market in China. And thanks to the upgrades of electronic products, HDI board will also get a rapid development. Our technology for multilayer and HDI board has become more sophisticated.

Multilayer and HDI Board

Multilayer and HDI Board

In a word, China PCB has still a long way to go in high-tech PCB industry. As a professional platform, keeps on working with more experienced PCB manufacturers in multilayer board, HDI board and substrate board. We will always keep pace with the high-tech PCB industry.

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