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Panel For Example Panel For Example Panel For Example Offers Competitive PCB Fabrication Service Worldwide

● Low Cost PCB Prototyping
● Fast Delivery via DHL, Fedex, UPS etc,
● Quality PCBs for Engineers and makers
● Choose the Cheapest Factory from Network


Being Cheap in Price Never Means Sacrifice in Quality

Price and cost matters! It is always the most important thing for you to find the most fit PCB manufacturer in China. By choosing the most suitable factory from our network of 100+ manufacturers, you are sure to find the best mix of price and quality for your PCB orders.

Cost is the most important factor for engineers and makers in the prototyping stage, that is why we keep the cost low. By streamlining the production line of PCB manufacturing, makes it possible to fabricate customers’ prototype PCBs in a cheap and low cost manner. You customize your PCBs by choosing specifications of your PCBs – dimension, layers, thickness, copper weight, hole diameter, track and space, etc. is proud to offer automatic quote and online production progress tracking function to facilitate our customers after ordering with us. Besides all these automation and conveniences, will appoint a salesgirl who is able to write good English to help you through all your orders. You are always in touch with real warm people. gives everything you need to get your PCB done!

Price Comparison Between ALLPCB and a Typical Manufacturer in China

  Other Factory ALLPCB

2 - Layer

10cm×10cm, FR4/10pcs

$ 55.00 $ 5.00

2 - Layer

20cm×20cm, FR4/10pcs

$ 160.00 $ 64.00

2 - Layer

30cm×30cm, FR4/10pcs

$ 335.00 $ 133.00

4 - Layer

10cm×10cm, FR4/10pcs

$ 125.00 $ 34.00

6 - Layer

10cm×10cm, FR4/10pcs

$ 230.00 $ 148.00

8 - Layer

10cm×10cm, FR4/10pcs

$ 645.00 $ 352.00

10 - Layer

10cm×10cm, FR4/10pcs

$ 990.00 $ 463.00

12 - Layer

10cm×10cm, FR4/10pcs

$ 1740.00 $ 940.00

Why ALLPCB’s Prices So Competitive?

The Vision of’s vision is to be the world’s easiest manufacturer for you to work with. This implies that ALLPCB must be responsible for reducing your cost of PCBs in your research and low volume productions.