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Frontal Temperature

Project Background:

Infrared thermometer is a kind of instrument which uses semiconductor components to test temperature by infrared ray. Its characteristics are simple structure, rapid and accurate temperature measurement. The infrared thermometer can capture the infrared energy radiated from all objects. It can measure body temperature quickly in case of emergency to achieve timely effect.

Design Research:

The infrared thermometer consists of an optical system, photoelectric detector, signal amplifier, signal processing, display output, and other parts. The optical system gathers the infrared radiation energy of the target in its field of view. The infrared energy is gathered on the photodetector and transformed into the corresponding electrical signal, which is then converted into the temperature value of the measured target.


With the integration of the thermopile chip for infrared detection and the special integrated chip for signal processing, low noise amplifier, 17 bit ADC and powerful DSP processing unit, the sensor has realized the measurement with high precision and high resolution.

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