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Certification Benefits

·Extra one free prototype&shipping coupon per month

·T/T 30-60days after shipment is available

·Unique badge identification with premium service

Free Prototype&Shipping Coupon:

Standard PCB UnderConventional Process

● FR-4, 1-2 layer, 4 layers

● Aluminum PCB

● Max 5 pcs, ≤ 0.015㎡/pcs

● Free shipping

3 Steps

  • Register/Login
  • Fill in information
  • Auditing In 2 days
  • Certification Completed

More Benefits

  • PCB Free Prototype

    Two free PCB prototype&shipping coupons every month

  • Noble Label

    Certified Enterprise can enjoy noble “V” label.

  • Customized Service

    Regular customized services for enterprise


Additional Remarks

  • 1.An enterprise can only be identified once.

  • 2.The final interpretation of the above content belongs to ALLPCB. Any questions,

    please contact your sales representative or

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