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We have just updated our system recently, and if you have identifed any issue during ordering process,please feel free to contact us directly .Thanks for your cooperation !


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We strive to keep
high accurateness
in PCB manufacture.

Fail to guarantee the accurateness is deadly.
The accurateness is an essential element that will impact
on quality and customers’ trust, which has been
put great stress on.

Accurate Pricing

ALLPCB resorts to online quote system to achieve automatic quote and manual quote, which has reached over 90.7% on-time rate. And only 9.3% customers should make up the price difference for following reasons:

● Manufacture details submitted by customers do not match with the Gerber file

● Customers change Gerber file temporarily

● Customers change order amounts or ask for shipped with other orders

● Other special manufacture demands

Accurate Manufacture

We have good performance to avoid some common problems in PCB industry.

● 99.9% PCB manufacture accurateness

● 98% electronic components purchasing accurateness

● 100% PCB assembly accurateness

Accurate Delivery

Total on-time delivery rate of PCB manufacturers joined us has reached over 95%. On-time delivery rate rank of all PCB manufacturers that joined us is on the right:

On-time Delivery Rate Top 10