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There are thousands of pcb manufacturers in the world, ofering pcb prototype, low volume pcb manufacturing, or online service platform. But which is the most fit for you? where can you find the reliable PCB manufacturers? How about their quality, price and lead time...

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The Options of PCB Suppliers are Endless
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Printed Circuit Board Suppliers – the Options are Endless

Is it not always amazing and fascinating how ALL the suppliers who contact you can do “everything!” Below is a new list of all star suppliers touting they can do everything PCB related. It is interesting to see how many of these suppliers are new. We get a lot of daily repeaters but a majority of the contacts to our email are new and companies we have never heard of before – hence reinforcing the plethora of suppliers out there in the marketplace. We have also seen a lot of reps move from factory to factory making contact and saying.  It is no surprise we have never spoken with them but they try hard none the less.


With this kind of activity, who would trust any cold calling representative? There just is no reason to when you can deal with an American based company and get you product produced with people who know and understand how to navigate this challenging manufacturing space. The beauty of it all is we can do everything from low to high volume and domestic builds.

Just yesterday we were able to quote a (same day) domestic build that had cage code requirements and must be built in the U.S. All the better we believe. Anything we can we keep here in the U.S. and offer to our domestic partners to build.

Never the less, the countless suppliers pour in from across the Asian supply market. Here are just a few empty emails that if you replied and engaged you would have no idea who you are working with and you get that option paying cash upfront:

We are the professional PCB manufacturer specializing in the production of Rigid PCB (2~36L), Flex-PCB (1~8L), Rigid-flex (2~16L), Heavy Copper Board, Heat Sink, Step PC, Embedded Capacitor Board, Al/Cu based, Hard Gold, and Blind & buried Via. With competitive price, high quality and on-time delivery (Double sided boards 24 hours and Multilayer boards rush to 48 hours).

Hey – why not, I will just send over my RFQ just to test your pricing and of course the first time you quote will be so aggressive that I could hardly pass up the opportunity only to realize that repeat orders have extra E-Test fees and minimum lot charge amounts. The finer details always come to the surface after the first order is placed.

We can offer:

Rigid PCB (Single-sided PCB, Double-sided PCB, Multi-layer PCB)

-Rigid-flexible PCB

-Flexible PCB


-All kinds of high class PCBs

PCB material we can use: FR1, FR2, HB,CEM1,CEM3, FR4,High TG/CTI FR4,Halogen Free, Rogers, Aluminum based, Lead free compatible, Hi Frequency.

All of our suppliers are a result of networking, beating the pavement, referrals, IPC-1710 evaluations, walking factory floors, meeting the management teams, building relationships and long winded hours of meetings eating Chinese food. Here are more examples:

We process the pcb material as following:

High TG (tg150, tg170, tg180, tg200) High CTI (CTI>600v), High copper (8oz)

Rogers, Taconic, Teflon , Arlon, CEM-1,CEM-3, Alu.

We have the technology as following:

Blind & Buried hole, countersink hole, castle hole(half hole), hole-in-pad, plugged by epoxy. min hole=0.15mm.

The min gap/trace=3mil/3mil. high layer upto 40 layers. Blue peelable, Carbon soldermask.

We offer the lead time as following:

2 layer: 4WD Fast delivey: 1WD

4 layer: 5WD Fast delivey: 2WD

6 layer: 6WD Fast delivey: 2WD

8 layer: 7WD Fast delivey: 3WD

10 layer: 8WD Fast delivey: 3WD

12 layer: 8WD Fast delivey: 4WD

14 layer: 8WD Fast delivey: 5WD

We use the good material to produce the PCB, Such as Shengyi, ITEQ, Taiyo, Ventec, Peters to keep our good quality. In our factory, the thickness standard of copper in the hole is 25um average. And the standard of FQC is strictly IPC class 2 according to the international level.

Payment at the end of month is acceptable to us, so the risk is Zero to you if you don’t like the boards.

Our service team supply all day service. 24 hours. No matter where, you can get a quotation or reply without any delay. We can serve you better.

We are the factory .We can provide you high quality PCBs at a competitive price. We offer a discount of 10%~20% at the same quality level, comparing with many PCB suppliers, just simple trading companies. In fact, most PCB suppliers in China are only trading companies, but we are a real PCB manufacturer. Our price is more competitive.

For High Quality, On-Time Delivery and Competitive Price, we have won the contract supplier of Huawei and ZTE in China.

If you have any inquiry , please feel free to let me know or load our website for detail. You are welcome to visit our factory.

Our service include: PCB production (sample and mass production),PCB copy,Rigid PCB,Aluminum PCB with competitive price.

The boards include: single sided, double sided, 2 layer, 4 layer, 6 layer.

Fast delivery:Samples & small production:4~5 days ( urgent delivery 2~3 days),Mass production: 7~8 days.

Service Benefits:

1. We professionally offer 1-26 layers PCB with highest quality(We also can do special material) and all kinds of stencils!

2. On time delivery and Competitive prices(Because we have our own factory).

3.Our products are confirmed UL, IS09001:2008, TS16949, ROHS requirements. So will not only save you money on your board, but our quality is impeccable.

4. We know you want help from patient, knowledgeable, communicative people who listen to what you are saying and will focus on your issue at hand,I was a technology engineer and quality engineer in our factory before,so I can give professional and reliable service!

We will be pleased to give you a competitive quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements.

Our Principle: Best service, Good quality at the most competitive price and Ship on time for our international customers.

Sample order could be provided as per your requirements and delivered within 4-5 working days.

Specializing in producing medium-lot and mass production orders. Our areas of expertise included the supply double-layer to Multi-layer PCBs ( 2-28 layers), FPC (1-4 layers), FR4 Spacer, Metal Core PCBs and so on. Standardizing technology compliance with UL and ISO9001 standards.

The supplier above is an obvious example of a supplier that is post as a direct vendor and is for sure a Chinese Trading Company. There is NO one in China that does everything and all things PCB without having multiple suppliers themselves. This is a recipe for mass supplier confusion on who or what is building your product and documentation is always slow and incomplete. Be especially aware of these types…but how can you tell? You can’t without an in person visit and sitting down directly with the managers and sifting out all the details.

MOQ=1 PCS, Leading time=5 days. MUV=1USD (ya right!)

Should any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know. We will be happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries soon. Sincerely,

We are professional precision multi-layer circuit board manufacturers

Service: 1 to 10 layers for mass production, Max 14 layers for samples or small lots , including Thick Gold plating, Blind/Buried vias, High frequency ,Metal Core boards, Impedance controlling, High TG , Thick copperAluminum based.

We are a PCB manufacturer specializing in PCB/FPC manufacture, such as multi layer PCBs (up to 26 layers), double sided PCBs, and single sided PCBs, high frequency PCB and metal base PCB, thick copper foil board, Flex-rigid board, blind/buried via board and PTFE PCB.

If you are interested in what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you.

We have 14 years experience in PCB Manufacturing. Specialized in 116 layers volume boards with the strength of fast delivery. Our commitments to our customers are:

1. 100% quality assurance(Products unqualified rate< 6.39%, Customer Complaints<1.2%,2-hour complaint feedback.)

2. on time delivery

3. factory price

4. customer driven service Department

Professional PCB&PCBA manufacturer and processor. Single-sides pcb,double-sided pcb,lead-free HASL pcb, enig pcb etc. are available. the processed products are widely used in computer, communication, automobile accessories, medical equipment, precision instruments, aviation equipment, etc.

1. We have our own pcb factory,not trading company.

2. Offer OEM service.

3. No MOQ.

4. Rich experience in PCB making.

5. Good quality with low price.

Any demand on pcb / pcba

Our advantage:

1. Excellent quality and competitive price ;

2. High Technology Capability: Min: 3mil/3mil trace/space, Min drill: 4mil .up to 20 layer. We are good at 3 Rank HDI projects. various service:Alum board,Rogers material and standard FR4 projects ;

3. Fast and timely delivery,good after servces;

4. Related Quality certification: UL certification / ISO9001 / TS16949.

We are one of the most professional & competitive price suppliers of printed circuit board(PCB) in China.

We are able to meet different requirements of techniques and customers’ needs.

Single side (d)

Double sides

Multi-layer boards(2-24 layers)

We can produce rigid PCB up to 32 layers and flex PCB up to 8 layers with lower price and excellent quality, also on time delivery! We have two professional PCB facilities and employing over 2000 staffs. We has been UL registered, our UL file No. is And we are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificated, all our products are produced complying with IPC standard. 

We sincerely hope to establish long business relationship with you in the coming days! Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our business!

PCB manufacturer here, exporting PCB, PCBA with good quality and competitive price.

Main material: FR-4, Aluminum base,also can produce FPC board and supply SMD service. We can accept prototype fabricate, no MOQ, and short delivery time.

Our products(quick turn, prototype etc) including: 1. Various kinds of Rigid PCBs from single layer to 28 layers of boards etc; 2. Various kinds of Flexible PCBs from single layer to 6 layers etc ; 3. Various kinds of Aluminum PCBs from single layer to 4 layers etc; 4. Various kinds of Flexible-Rigid PCBs and HDI PCBs for support high-level of design etc ;

•Apply scientific Quality Management,

•Meet and Exceed Customer Quality Requirement,

•Follow environmental policy and Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Policy and its Management System Spirits,

•Protect the Environment, Cherish the Earth,

•Care the Employee and its Physical and Mental Health,

•Continuously Create the Max. Value, and Provide the Value added products & services for the customers.

Product type: Multilayer PCB

Layer count: 6

Board Thicknes:1.57mm

Min LW/LS: 4mil/4mil

Surface Finishing: HASL + Gold Finger (60U” Au)

Application Field:Computer Display Card

Product type: Multilayer PCB

Layer count: 16

Board Thickness:2.36mm

Min LW/LS: 5mil/5mil

Surface Finishing: ENIG

Application Field: Precision Instrument

Product type: Aluminum Base PCB

Layer count: 2

Copper Thickness: 2 oz

Board Thicknes:1.54mm

Surface Finishing: ENIG

Application: LED Lighting

Product type: Aluminum Base PCB

Layer count: 2

Copper Thickness: 2 oz

board Thickness:1.54mm

Surface Finishing: ENIG

Application: LED Lighting

Product type: HDI

Layer count: 8

Finish thickness: 0.8 mm

Min LW/LS: 4mil/4mil

Special Structure: Buried & Blind vias

Surface Finishing: ENIG

Application Field: Mobile Phone

Product type: HDI

Layer count: 8

Finish thickness: 0.8 mm

Min LW/LS: 4mil/4mil

Special Structure: Buried & Blind vias

Surface Finishing: ENIG

Application Field: Mobile Phone

Product type: High Frequency PCB

Layer count: 6

Finish thickness: 2.4 mm

Min LW/LS: 8mil/8mil

Surface Finishing: ENIG

Application Field: Communication

Product type: High Frequency PCB

Layer count: 6

Finish thickness: 1.0 mm

Min LW/LS: 8mil/8mil

Surface Finishing: ENIG

Application Field: Communication

Our PCB Scope:

  • FR4 standard PCB from 2 ~ 28 layer

  • FPCB, Rigid-Flex PCB from 1 ~ 12 layer

  • Metal substrates PCB (Al / Cu based PCB)

  • High Tg , Halogen Free, Heavy Copper PCB

  • High Frequency, Mixed Delectric PCB (Teflon Material)

  • HDI PCB, Blind and buried via board, Impedance Control PCBs

Our L/T for Quick-Turn PCBs:

Double-sided PCB samples will be ready to ship in only 24 hours,

while four-layer prototypes take 48 hours;

  • 2-Layer: 1-5 days; 4-Layer: 3-7 days;

  • 6-Layer: 4-8 days; 8 to 10 Layer: 4-10 days;

  • 10 to 14 Layer: 5-10 days; 12 Layer and above: 6-15 days;

Our Competence make you at home:

  • Advanced productive process and complete quality control system.

  • Fabrication under customer’s Specifications.

  • 100% inspection & 100% Electronic Test.

Statement: This post is only the personal view of the author and does not represent the opinions of


My friends and I have learned a lot with your post. And we will keep on following you for the further study.Hope your next article will come soon.

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