Some Tips on PCB Design for Cheap Manufacturing

2018/12/24 14:13:39

Design for Manufacturing and assembly are the integration of product design. The aim is to design a product that can be easily achieved and can be manufactured in a economic way. so there are some guidelines or tips which can be considered.  

Especially for new designers, it is necessary and important to learn the guidelines to save cost for your first prototype PCB manufacturing.  

designs for manufacturing

For any designs for manufacturing, the important design principles or rules is to help  the designer or developer reduce their cost or reduce the difficulty of manufacturing of the pcb, and here below are a listing of these principles. The following are some suggestions or tips for designers to make a cost-effectively printed circuit boards. 

As a matter of fact, about 60%-75% of manufacturing costs of the pcb or other products (quality of materials, production processing, and products assembly,ect.) are determined by design it makes the designs so important for your projects in a cost effective way.  

1. Reduce Amount of Parts  

Reduction of the amount of the parts or components is a good chances for reducing the manufacturing cost, less parts means less purchases,processing time, assembly difficulty, testing etc. It ease the processing process and in 90% it can reduce the assembly cost. In general, it reduces the level of intensity of all process related to the final finished product during its processing life. 

2. Use Standard Components

The standard components are normally in stock and easily sourced. resistors,capacitors in 0603,0204, which are easily purchased in many different channels.Standard components are less expensive than custom-made items due to the cost in delivery, customs etc in custom-made components.  

What’s more,the high availability of these components reduces product lead times. 

As we all know,it will charge tax for the customized components or imported components, and some are forbidden in local market, absolutely it will cause extra cost to your final products. 

Use standard components

3. Design for Ease Fabrication  

Some designs are with special requirements, in very strange shape,with many slots or v cut lines, In general, excessive tolerance, surface-finish requirement, very small hole size, small track space, or heavy copper weight and so on are commonly found problems that result in higher than necessary production cost.

Select a good combination between material and design of fabrication process to minimize the overall manufacturing cost.

For example: 

Hole: normally 0.3mm is standard hole size, and hole below 0.3mm will lead to higher cost. Any buried vias, blind vias, half holes will also cause higher cost. 

Track space: standard is 6/6mil, 5/5mil or below will increase cost. 

Surface finish: HASL with lead is the cheapest, if make in immersion gold,take allpcb as example, it will have extra cost $22-$23.  

Solder mask color: green solder is most commonly used color for pcb, therefore it is the cheapest, and other color,like matt black,red, yellow will increase cost.  

Hopefully above information are helpfully for those designers who are new and want to learn more about the cost-effective pcb manufacturing. 

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