Selection Chip Capacitor & Its Storage

2018/12/29 18:23:30

About the Chip Capacitor

For the Chip capacitor, it is coated with a metal layer on the porcelain tube, and then forming two poles inside and outside. Because the tube is empty, so it called with chip capacitor. It is a 3-terminal capacitor that is mounted directly on a metal panel, so its grounding inductance is smaller and there is almost no lead inductance. In addition, its input and output are isolated by the technical farmer's board, which is eliminating high frequency coupling. It is an ideal device for infection filtering. 

chip capacitor

It Has 2 Functions, Which is very Useful in Its Usage.

1. The filtering. In the power circuit, the rectifier circuit turns the alternating current into a pulsating direct current, and after the rectifier circuit is connected to a larger capacity electrolytic capacitor, then it will use its charge and discharge characteristics, the rectified pulsating DC voltage becomes relatively stable DC voltage.

2. The coupling effect: In the process of transmission and amplification of low-frequency signals, in order to prevent the static working points of the two-stage circuit from interacting with each other, the capacitor coupling is often used. In order to prevent the loss of the low frequency component of the signal in the signal, the electrolytic capacitor with a large capacity is generally used.

filtering and coupling

Here 8 Cases for the Selection Chip Capacitor

1. The working voltage of the capacitor must be lower than the rated voltage and must not exceed the rated voltage. For example, when the working voltage is 12V, the rated voltage is 16~25V; when the working voltage is 5V, it can be 6~10V. In addition, the capacitance of the capacitor is also related to the withstand voltage value. For example, the chip-type tantalum capacitor withstand voltage of 4~50V, the 0.1~4.7uF small-capacity capacitor has a rated power of 50V, and if above 10uF, the voltage is higher than 25V, which is rarely seen. Therefore, it should be pay attention when designing the circuit.

2. The capacitor accuracy and material type should be selected reasonably. Usually, the commercially available chip capacitors with an accuracy of 103 or less have an accuracy of J (±5%); for above 103, Class J is less, with K (±10%); and above 104, M. The grade (±20%) is dominant. For example, in the resonant circuit, in order to ensure a stable performance, C0G class I materials and J-level chip multilayer ceramic capacitors should be used; if a 0.1PF bypass capacitor is often connected to the positive terminal of the IC, optional III is available. For the Class material, M-level precision chip multilayer ceramic capacitor. This can not only ensure product accuracy requirements, but also reduce product costs.

3. The size specification (series) of the 0805 chip capacitor on the market is the most complete, and some of the 0603's remote capacity may be out of stock. When the production volume is not too large, in order to prevent the market from being out of stock and affecting production, the pad can be slightly extended to make it suitable for 0603 and 0805, so as to avoid production stoppage due to missing parts.

4. The chip multilayer ceramic capacitors are all packaged, and the model number is on the reel without any mark on the capacitor. Although the capacity can be known by measurement, it is difficult to distinguish the accuracy level of the material category, so it need to be care during use, especially during manual assembly.

5. For the Open-type chip trimmer capacitors, it cannot be wave soldered, but for the closed chip trimmer capacitors, it can be wave soldered.

6. In many circuit diagrams abroad, the capacitor of "OS-CON" is often seen. It is an organic semiconductor aluminum solid electrolytic capacitor which produced by SANYO (Japan). Its biggest feature is that it has the same high frequency characteristics as the film capacitor, although it is an electrolytic capacitor; secondly, the equivalent series resistance is small and it is not sensitive to temperature; the third is that it can pass a larger ripple current.

7. Chip capacitors generally adopt multi-layer structure. Some people use manual soldering iron when using. At this time, it must be attention to the welding speed, which can avoid overheating, if overheating, it will cause the base end to break due to large temperature difference and reduce the capacity.

8. The chip capacitor uses a ceramic substrate which is thin and brittle. Some boards are thin, and the force is unevenly deformed during installation, which will easily causes the capacitor to break. In addition to improving the design process, the solution can be changed to a tubular capacitor in a place where it is easy to cause breakage, because the tubular capacitor has high strength and is not easily broken.

The Optimal Storage for Chip Capacitors

Chip capacitors are important patch electronic components in the board and play an very important role in current electronic design. If damage occurs, the circuit may not operate properly and even broken. Because of its small size, it is troublesome to replace. In fact, the chip capacitor has a long life of more than 20 years in a good working environment, which depends on whether you will be well maintained. Following are optimal storage way for chip capacitors.

The first thing to pay attention is that the storage environment requirements of the chip capacitors. The chip capacitors cannot be stored in places with high temperature and humidity. The storage environment should be as this: temperature: 15 ° C ~ 35 ° C, humidity 25% ~ 75%; the storage location should be in door. Of course, in addition to this, it also need to be aware that the space where you store, it must be kept away from water, salt water also the oil. The presence of these three objects can affect the preservation of the chip capacitor.

storage for chip capacitors

The storage of the chip capacitors should also avoid the presence of toxic gases (such as hydrogen sulfide, nitrous acid, chlorine and ammonia). Enemy such as ozone, ultraviolet light or radiation is also unfavorable for storage. The best way is to pack the bag in a suitable package and not expose it to air or humid air for a long time.

This is how the chip capacitors are stored, and the proper storage guarantees performance, which make it lasts longer.
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