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PCB Assembly RuleCategory: PCB Assembly

Group Member: 64 111 Group Threads: 64

Join in this group and you will know many rules of PCB Assembly and solve the problems when in PCB assembly.

Last Activity: 2017-05-20 10:11:14

2017-05-20 10:11:14 avonchia:

Advice for SMT

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ArduinoCategory: PCB

Group Member: 84 111 Group Threads: 60

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for anyone making interactive projects. About...

Last Activity: 2017-02-26 18:40:51

2017-02-26 18:40:51 Eugene Shamaev:

PCB production workshop: everyone gets an Arduino

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PCB ManufacturersCategory: PCB

Group Member: 61 111 Group Threads: 51

There are thousands of pcb manufacturers in the world, ofering pcb prototype, low volume pcb manufacturing, or online service platform. But which is t...

Last Activity: 2018-03-02 21:50:41

2018-03-02 21:50:41 kmeniariel:

The best software to make PCB design

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KiCadCategory: PCB

Group Member: 16 111 Group Threads: 40

KiCad is a free software suite for electronic design automation (EDA). It facilitates the design of schematics for electronic circuits and their conve...

Last Activity: 2017-02-26 18:42:23

2017-02-26 18:42:23 Christian:

How to Mill PCBs With KiCad

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Gerber FileCategory: PCB

Group Member: 37 111 Group Threads: 38

Gerber is used in PCB fabrication data. PCBs are designed on a specialized electronic design automation (EDA) or a computer-aided design (CAD) system....

Last Activity: 2017-06-20 17:44:50

2017-06-20 17:44:50 Markus:

DipTrace and Gerber Export

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PCB TestingCategory: PCB

Group Member: 46 111 Group Threads: 38

In-circuit test (ICT) is an example of white box testing where an electrical probe tests a populated printed circuit board, checking for shorts, opens...

Last Activity: 2017-06-09 14:28:11

2017-06-09 14:28:11 bankroot:

How to check the quality of a PCB

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SMT StencilCategory: PCB Assembly

Group Member: 40 111 Group Threads: 37

The purpose of an SMT stencil is to transfer solder paste to a bare circuit board. Before the assembly of the SMT components solder paste is printed o...

Last Activity: 2017-05-10 08:21:20

2017-05-10 08:21:20 a.boehm:

SMT stencil

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Raspberry PiCategory: PCB Assembly

Group Member: 49 111 Group Threads: 34

The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of...

Last Activity: 2017-02-27 05:48:21

2017-02-27 05:48:21 Alain:


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PCB PrototypingCategory: PCB

Group Member: 23 111 Group Threads: 32

PCB prototyping is the step before bulk production. There are many manufacturers, who offers PCB prototyping. How to find the most cost-effective PCB ...

Last Activity: 2017-04-25 12:01:07

2017-04-25 12:01:07 Toni:

what issues should be paid attention in PCB copper pour?

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PCB SchematicCategory: PCB

Group Member: 29 111 Group Threads: 31

Schematic capture or schematic entry is a step in the design cycle of electronic design automation (EDA) at which the electronic diagram, or electroni...

Last Activity: 2017-03-24 10:32:34

2017-03-24 10:32:34 Luis Fernando:

Schematic Diagram Design Steps in PCB

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