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PCB manufacturing consists of many steps, such as PCB CAM, Panelization, Copper patterning, etc. This group is mainly talked about the problems during PCB manufacturing!

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To Avoid 5 Mistakes for Quickturn PCBs
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Pablo Daniel

Printed circuit boards are extremely important in determining the success or failure of any quickturn project. However, there are many factors and potential mistakes will impact on the quickturn PCBs. The following are the most critical and common mistakes that PCB layout engineers should avoid in design to make sure the fast time to market.

Ignore PCB manufacturers’ capabilities

To ignore PCB manufacturers’ capabilities is another major mistake. No two PCB manufacturers have the same capabilities. If you are not sure their capabilities can meet your PCB design requirements, you may run into delays that will diminish their quickturn PCB manufacture. What’s worse, the manufacturers will be unable to manufacture the board to your specifications. If your PCB design needs some unique processes, it is especially important.

Overlook the support from manufacturer

Even simple PCB designs may result in complications that can potentially prevent quick turnaround times. You are able to reduce this risk by developing a partnership with a PCB manufacturer that provides in-depth support. More specifically, the manufacturers should have professional engineers who can work closely with clients to identify design problems early on, before causing any delays.

Add Via-in-Pads 

Unnecessarily included via-in-pads are a feature that will undermine quick turnaround. Using via-in-pads is certainly helpful, which potentially keeps heat out from under components or conserve space. But, adding via-in-pads will definitely add a day or more to the total PCB leading time, and should only be done deliberately if quickturn is a priority.

Overlook PCB manufacturers’ reputations

There is no doubt that the PCB manufacturing partnership will have great impact on whether a manufacturer is able to achieve quick turnaround times. When you choose a PCB manufacturer, do not overlook its reputations. The fact of the matter is that if a PCB manufacturer doesn't have a reputation for quickturn PCBs, then it will not deliver in this area. If quickturn PCBs are a priority, you’d better find a manufacturer that has clearly made quickturn a priority on their ends as well.

Lack clarity for your notes

You should make sure that the notes on your fabrication drawing are clear. It's an extremely common mistake that may badly delay PCB delivery. If PCB manufacturers cannot completely understand your PCB design, they have to reconnect with the designer for clarification, which will delay the delivery.

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