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With the development of modern technology, PCBs are widely used, and with the cost down of electronic equipment, everyone wants cheaper and cheaper prices. The heavy cost pressure can also be felt in the PCB industry. Of course when making the PCB boards, we can find a lot of ways to reduce the cost, like changing the base material, changing the material of solder mask...

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Cheap PCB Design

Making a cheap PCB is easier than you think. Here is short summary of how to create your layout and a list of some PCB manufacturers that you can choose from to get your circuit board manufactured. ... (See More)

2017-02-04 13:25:27
2017-02-06 13:25:27
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Reduce PCB Costs by Vias

Although HDI PCB fabrication can be expensive, there are several situations where blind vias, buried vias, and microvias offer a cost-effective solution. High Density Interconnect (HDI) circuit ... (See More)

2017-01-31 19:56:38
2017-02-02 19:56:38
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The factors affecting PCB price

For many years, the variability of PCB price has been familiar to the people inside the PCB industry, however, even if some people with years of experience in PCB still do not fully understand the rea... (See More)

2017-01-23 17:02:19
Hugo Marques
2017-01-25 17:02:19
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