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2017/3/3 16:50:34

There are various options when we choose a PCB manufacturer for our projects. We have to take a lot of elements into consideration, such as capability, delivery time, lead time and especially the cost. It sometimes makes me crazy! I chose dozens of manufacturers in my last project for a simple 4 layers PCBs. I have little budget but high requirement for it. This scene also happens to you, right?
I compared several PCB manufacturers, like OSH Park, Seeed Studio, and Smart prototyping, etc. But their offers were a little high that I cannot afford. Then, I turned to communities and blogs for help, to find a manufacturer that could offer low cost PCBs with good quality. Many people recommended me
From the comparison list, I got a very low price for my PCBs from ALLPCB. The price was only half of Smart Prototyping and Seeed Studio. Incredible!

In order to confirm the price listed in PCBShopper, I also visited and calculated the price again. It was quite easy to quote the price. And it offered me a list of PCB manufacturers that based in China. But I had no idea about these manufacturers.

I also found an interesting function that I could compare these manufacturers for their capability, materials, and testing equipment and so on. It helped me learn more about these listed manufacturers.

To ensure the quality of ALLPCB, I resorted to Google. And most of the feedbacks on the internet are no bad. Thus, I placed my first order on to have a try. The received PCBs were of high quality and they worked well in my project.
Great thanks for the good service I hadreceived. I will place my next order again.
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