Incredible! Complete my PCB ordering within 1 minute

2017/2/28 16:09:28

Nowadays, in the PCB industry, manufacturers gradually give up the traditional ordering method and apply online PCB order system to make it more efficient and save times for customers. Some famous PCB manufacturers, like Advanced Circuits, Eurocircuits and OSH Park, they all resort to online system for their PCB ordering. Usually, it will take customers 5-10 minutes to complete this process on those famous manufacturers. Take Eurocircuits as an example, when you try to get PCB price in details, you have to finish 3 steps.

Firstly, you should enter your basic parameters in the homepage, as the picture shown. And I choose fault parameters for testing.

Secondly, when I click the button “CALCULATE”, it will turn to a page that ask you to choose PCB proto or NAKED proto.

After this step, it will go to the final page of PCB price quote. Finally, I get the PCB price details, which takes me about 10 minutes. Maybe I am not so familiar enough to make a PCB quote, it is a little troublesome for me.

In order to find a PCB manufacturer that I get the PCB price easily, I ask my friends and teachers for help as well as posting my demand to many well-known blogs. I get a lot of feedbacks and I have to send my thanks for all the advices I have received. And I tried all the recommended manufacturers, making a PCB price quote on their websites. Only some of them are easy to handle and a PCB manufacture platform named ALLPCB impressed me a lot.

As a new visitor on, it is quite easy to place the PCB order to follow their guides. What I should do is to enter our PCB parameters, and choose the manufacturers as you like and upload my Gerber files. If the PCBs are more than 2 layers, just add the layer orders in addition. Pretty easy! And it will present all the details about price and shipment. Also, it offers many PCB manufacturers for you in the quote page, which is quite helpful and impressive, just like PCBshopper does.

I also browse other pages on Learn from ALLPCB Development Plan in 2017, I just copy down some useful words: 

“ALLPCB spent three years in developing system, with the aim of offering quick and efficient PCB manufacturing service from the quote to manufacture. Besides, ALLPCB resorts to this online system to improve the efficiency of customers. The order matching system developed helps customers find the best manufacturer, solving the problem of time-consuming in selecting PCB manufacturers. All the selected manufacturers in ALLPCB have passed our strict on-spot audit by professional auditors about the environment, equipment, raw materials and technologies. And all the information will be transformed into data and saved in Cloud, which enables the system to match the best manufacturer for customer with certain basic parameters.”

By the way, the PCBs ordered from ALLPCB are on the way. I hope the quality will not let me down.


2017/3/2 16:09:28

I am going to keep checking for new writings.

Henrik Wessel

2017/3/2 16:09:28

Thanks for your intelligence. Pretty interesting and useful.

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