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PCB Quality

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How can we guarantee the quality of pcb? There are commly several ways to control the quality, such as by DRC Check, Electrical Testing, AOI(Automated optical inspection), RoHS...

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Identify the PCB board
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Identify the PCB board can start from two aspects; the first method is to judge from the appearance, and the other is from the quality requirements.


1. the size and thickness of the standard rules.You can measure the thickness and specifications according to the standards;

2. light and color;

External circuit boards are covered with ink for insulation, if the color of the board is not bright,then board insulationis not good.

3. the appearance of the weld;

If the welding is not good, the parts will be easy to fall off the circuit board, seriously affecting the quality.


2.High-Quality PCB circuit board should meet the following requirements:

1.after installing components, the electrical connection can meet the requirements;

2. the line width, line thickness, line spacing meet the requirements, so as to avoid the line heat, open circuit, and short circuit;

3. in the high temperature copper is not easy to fall off;

4. copper surface is not easy to oxidation;


5. no additional electromagnetic radiation;

6. the shape is not deformed, so as to prevent screw hole dislocation. For current mechanized installation,the deformation error of holes, lines and design of boards should be within the allowable range;

7. and high temperature, high humidity and resistance to special circumstances should also be considered within the scope;

8.the surface of the mechanical properties can meet the installation requirements;

so,when purchasing PCB board, please be sure to keep your eyes.

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William Reeve

first method is easier,but second is more practical.

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