Hey guys, stop sending emails to get PCB price

2017/3/7 15:25:54

As a buyer of PCBs, I frequently sent emails to the manufacturers for PCB price in the past. But it was quite inconvenient for my fast projects and was easily to cause the delay to the manufacture. I had met the delay of my PCB orders for the quoting took me 3 days even though the order was simple. The manufacturer I worked did not offer 24 h services.
To gain quick response, I tried some online PCB manufacturers like PCBWay, PCBCart and ALLPCB… They all offer online quoting service on their website and it is quite easy to get the price. But it is also quite similar.
It was hard to choose one and I upload my Gerber file to those manufacturers. Impressive, I got the feedback from Janice, the sale rep of ALLPCB, after 2 minutes. The time was approximately 2 o’clock in the morning in China, but I still received the quick response from her. It moved me a lot. And other manufacturers sent me repose after several hours. I had never received such fast response from any manufacturer. She did great work for my PCB order. She also pointed out some faults about my file and gave some valuable advices for it. Here, I want to send great thanks to Janice.
In order to get more information about ALLPCB, I Google it and viewed some feedback. Most of reviews appreciated its good service and made do the decision to place orders on ALLPCB. The PCBs from ALLPCB perform well in test.
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