Flying Scorpion FLS940Sxi High-Performance Flying Probe Test System

2017/2/2 22:57:35

Flying Scorpion FLS940Sxi High-Performance Flying Probe Test System
WOBURN, MA - Acculogic, Inc. introduces the new single-sided low-cost version of its successful Flying Scorpion FLS900-series. The FLS940Sxi Flying Prober delivers the short programming times and high fault coverage of traditional bed-of-nails in-circuit test for prototype, ramp-up and low-volume/high-mix test applications.
“In-circuit testers that use bed-of-nails fixtures do not always deliver the optimum test strategy for every production environment,” said Greg LeBlonc, Product Manager for the Manufacturing Test Systems Division-Markham. “Even if the expense could be justified, the time to build and modify fixtures during prototype test and production ramp-up is simply too long. For very high-mix/low-volume environments, the cost of a bed-of-nails fixture cannot be justified. Acculogic’s Flying Scorpion solves these problems by eliminating the cost and cycle time of a bed-of-nails fixture.”
The FLS940Sxi adds a lower cost solution to the already powerful Scorpion Flying Probe Tester line. In addition to its no-compromise single-sided test capability, the system can be equipped with up to 10 variable or fixed-angle probe modules. The FLS940Sxi offers AccuFast drives as standard features and can be equipped with the ScanProbe.
“We believe that the system’s low cost as well as ScanProbe and full integration of boundary scan, together with increased accuracy, dynamic response and reliability provided by the AccuFast technology will enable the Flying Scorpion to migrate more customers from in-circuit test to flying probers in the next two years,” said LeBlonc. With boundary scan-power fully unleashed, test coverage can be maintained at levels comparable to what is achieved on in-circuit testers and test cycle times will be held to acceptable levels for low-/medium-volume production.
The FLS940Sxi offers all the test capabilities of the double-sided FLS980Dxi in a single-sided configuration including:
  • Ease of use and programming with QuickTestTM
  • Multi-Probe testing (up to 10)
  • Variable angle 3-D probing
  • High fault coverage power-off in-circuit test
  • Power-on testing including Boundary Scan JTAG, on-board device programming and function testing
  • Linear surface motors for no-access limitation, simpler mechanics, easier maintenance, and superior reliability and speed
  • Largest available probing area of 1,050 x 640 mm for handling large boards
According to Leblanc, “Traditional flying probers have several weaknesses including marginal reliability, expensive maintenance, inability to accommodate large boards and single-sided probing only. The Acculogic FLS900-series Flying Prober addresses all of these limitations, resulting in the best solution in the market.”
The Acculogic FLS940Sxi Flying Prober will begin shipping in January 2011. Availability is 6-8 weeks ARO.
Acculogic is a global supplier of automatic test equipment and application support services. Acculogic's test products include the Flying Scorpion - world’s only double sided Flying Probe with 3-D joy-stick-like probe motion and 22 probes , an extensive line of bed-of-nails In-Circuit Test Systems, a powerful suite of Boundary Scan test and programming tools, and Application Specific PXI/LXI based Functional Test Systems. Acculogic systems are used by manufacturers of electronic devices and circuit assemblies. Acculogic is a private, growing and profitable company with operations in United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Japan and an extensive network of sales and supports centers around the world.

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