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A2E Technologies
A2E Technologies is an electronic design services (EDS) firm providing custom application software, embedded design, and product development services to industry and government. A highly experienced senior staff and significant breadth of skills provides everything needed for custom technology development. A2E Technologies has vertical market expertise in home media/digital video, wireless and networking, test and measurement, medical devices and enterprise software.
Adapter Technologies Inc.
Adapter Technologies’ engineering and design department has over 15 years design experience in the interconnect and electronics industry. Utilizing the latest in 2D and 3D CAD software, they design an interconnect solution to suit your needs.
Advanced Electronic Designs Inc.
The Advanced Electronic Designs (AED) team has experience and skill working on a wide variety of projects spanning multiple industries. From conception to manufacturing, they will complete one project phase or entire programs. Services include project definition, cost analysis, hardware design, firmware/software design, and low-volume manufacturing. AED is a registered engineering firm and has five licensed professional engineers on staff.
Amherst Systems Associates Inc.
Amherst System Associates is an engineering consultation firm specializing in the development and application of technologies for high-precision waveform timing and measurement. All of our technical consultation deals in some way with timing-environment design, analysis, debugging, or characterization and measurement.
asicNorth provides chip design ranging from turnkey design to team augmentation. With digital, analog, and mixed-signal design capabilities, they have the skills, tools, experience to develop a complete ASIC. They perform a wide range of services, including intellectual property development of digital cores, high-performnace digital functions, and custom analog cores.
Baldwin Technologies Inc.
Provides PCB design services for all types of boards, including those utilizing surface-mount, through-hole, mixed technology, and BGAs. Also helps with single- and double-sided, circular, analog, and digital boards. Services span design capture through fabrication and manufacturing support, comprehensive checklists, guidelines, and design-rule checking.
Board Logic Systems
Provides consulting services, board-level circuit design, concept to prototype/production design, schematic design entry, and Verilog logic design. Board Logic Systems also performs signal-integrity analysis and assists in board layout, mechanical design, and fabrication and assembly. They debug and qualify existing and new designs, develop embedded software and firmware, provide EMC testing and safety analysis to get necessary approvals, and produce technical documentation. specializes in high-end PCB design. The design services starts with customer requirements review, and includes schematic design, placement, and routing. The company incorporates designed for manufacturing, design for assembly, and design for test.
CADX Services Inc.
Offers PCB design, layout, prototyping, and manufacturing services. Its PCB design service bureau has years of experience in schematic capture, PCB design, capturing component symbols, pattern creation, component creation, and library management. They perform conversion of PCB designs, electronic schematics, and netlist formats. CADX Services also has the ability to provide rapid prototypes and production quantities.
California Design Engineering Consortium (CDEC)
CDEC provides drafting, design, and engineering services for PCB design. It offers consulting services in basic modeling, concept-to-completion design, and development and manufacturing. They will provide routing, schematics, assembly drawings, logic diagrams, fabrication drawings, engineering changes, Gerber files and more.
California Integration Coordinators Inc.
Provides full turnkey support for outsourcing of manufacturing needs, including all or any combination of the following: PCB layout, fabrication, assembly and material procurement services, material management, and PCB testing.
Cantares has been doing electronic design for 25 years. Whether your needs are small or large, simple or complex, there's a very good chance Cantares can accommodate them. Their experience includes analog, digital, and power design; microprocessors; CPLDs; PCB design; and basic mechanical design. They also have experience in firmware and assembler programming. Cantares has created designs for audio, DSP, medical, and automotive applications. Services are available for the prototyping and production phases.
CLH Design Services Inc.
PCB design for a range of PCBs, including multilayer, high-density, high-speed, and analog boards. They offer schematic capture, layout, routing, fabrication and assembly support, and many other PCB support services.
Comit Systems Inc.
Comit provides complete chip, board, software and system engineering services to customers across the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. Services include FPGA and ASIC design, high-speed complex board design, and embedded software development. They also have combined chip design, board design and software development services for complete turnkey product development.
Compudraft Engineering
Provides engineering services for PCB design, layout, fabrication, and assembly. Also offers component procurement and thermal and vibration analysis.
Concise Technologies Inc.
Services include analog and digital circuit design, PCB design, 8051-based embedded controller systems, software development, and industrial control solutions.
Contract Manufacturing Consultants Inc.
Helps electronics OEMs develop outsourcing programs for printed-circuit-board design and assembly. Services include comprehensive requirements analysis, fact-based recommendations for potential designers and contractors worldwide, and price and contract negotiation.
CopperCAD Design
A staff with over 60 years design experience can handle simple thru-hole design to complex high-speed digital circuitry. They provide services ranging from schematic capture and layout of PCBs to creating customized Cadence Allegro SKILL programs.
Core Technology Group
Core Technology Group provides electronic design services for prototype development and product design. They specialize in the material-handling and test-and-measurement industries. Experience includes analog/digital, optoelectronic, barcode scanner, power supply, and instrumentation designs.
Dataline PCB Corp.
Dataline PCB has over 25 years experience in the PCB design and fabrication industry, with the main concentration and expertise in the design side. But they also offer sub-contracted PCB fabrication and component assembly services, all ISO 9002 certified.
Daycounter Inc.
Daycounter specializes in rapid prototyping and customized electronic product design. They offer comprehensive set of hardware and software engineering design services, ranging from contract software and firmware development to electronics design and PCB layout. Extensive experience in both hardware and software engineering provides complete product solution that integrates hardware and software.
Decicon Inc.
Provides engineering services in the areas of analog and mixed-signal IC design and ESD protection design. Also offer an analog and mixed-signal IP.
Doradus Technologies Inc.
Doradus Technologies provides a combination of intellectual property licensing, research and development consultancy, and design services in the area of communication technology. Our solutions specifically address the challenges of emerging applications in communications. Our services are focused on design, development, and implementation of customized solutions and intellectual properties.
Provides complete product development or can work with an engineering team on any aspect of product development. DVK has engineering expertise in the following technologies: embedded microprocessor systems, DSP, RF, communications, wireless systems, networking, analog design, power, software, packaging and enclosures, and mechanical systems. They apply design-for-manufacturing to all projects.
Electronic Display Applications, Inc.
Electronic design engineering for a product from concept through production. EDA provides consultant services in electronic, mechanical, and software engineering, including microprocessor circuit design, digital and analog circuit design, packaging, and PCB layout. Experienced in avionic display and LCD display applications, and DSP, FPGA, and ASIC design. They can provide PCB prototype design and assembly.
Engineering Graphics
Engineering Graphics has been offering PCB design and prototype development services for twenty years. The company has designed and built over 2800 unique boards for such applications as medical devices, test and measurement instrumentation, space exploration, and defense electronics. They provide computer-assisted PCB design, fabrication, and assembly of a wide range of high-speed digital circuits or noise-sensitive analog circuits that incorporate rigid, rigid/flex, thru-hole, and other technologies.
Designs and builds products for a range of applications. Provides quick turn-around software or hardware design help on a large project. Design team has expertise in PCB design and fabrication, digital and analog circuits, RF, embedded software development, and more. ePBoard’s Video Design House (VDH) department specializes in digital video designs, such as DTV, MPEG2/4 set-top box, and V-chip decoders.
ExpertEDA Consulting
Offers a group of ASIC and IP design engineers with years of experience at designing and verifying complex ASICs, IP/cores, system-on-chip, and custom ICs. Has engineering teams in India and California. They provide on-site engineering and management services, as well as take on entire turnkey projects for off-site development. Services include ASIC and IP design and verification, model development, software development, and product marketing services.
Fliptronics is a digital systems and software consulting company. Services include architecture definition, FPGA design and testing, embedded system design and implementation, training, and strategic marketing and product planning.
Foothill Services LLC
Provides schematic entry, PCB design, and production support services to the industrial, medical, data communications, and aerospace industries for over ten years. They also have experience with sourcing components, dealing with the follow-on needs of PCB fabricators, and organizing assembly operations.
Electronic component manufacturer that can design and manufacture a PCBs. Engineers will create a design from your schematic using the Protel PCB design software. Costs are charged at an hourly rate and a fully documented invoice is prepared at the completion of the job.
GHDsign USA Inc.
Provides PCB design services. Their PCB design focuses on cost optimizing, EMC, and durability even at the prototype level.
Group Alpha Inc.
Group Alpha is a contract engineering and manufacturing company specializing in embedded systems. They offer a full range of design and manufacturing services that span the entire product life cycle from architectural/feasibility studies to full-scale manufacturing and ongoing field support. Group Alpha has extensive expertise in embedded systems, particularly those that use a distributed architecture. They have experience in a number of product market segments, including industrial, transportation, and consumer.
Handshake Solutions
Handshake Solutions, part of Philips Electronics, has been providing design services for over ten years. Its comprehensive range of products and services lets customers gain the maximum benefit from self-timed, clockless design technology. Handshake Solutions’ portfolio includes a complete toolset, pre-verified IP blocks, design support, and a comprehensive training package covering everything from initial introduction to full proficiency courses.
HiGain Design Services
HiGain Design Services has more than 20 years experience in the design of electronic equipment. Offers engineering support with particular experience in PCB layout. From schematic capture to PWB layout, they assist in moving a design through fabrication and assembly. Experience includes RF, microwave, analog, digital, high-speed, and power supply designs.
IC Nexus
IC Nexus is a fabless ASIC design and manufacturing services company providing RTL to ASIC design services and silicon fabrication service. They work closely with multiple library vendors, IP providers, silicon foundries, and packaging and testing facilities to create cost-effective ASIC designs.
Indesign LLC
Indesign provides complete front-to-back electronic product development and design engineering services. They offer an ISO-certified product development process. Indesign can perform requirements analyses, architecture development, mechanical design, electrical design, software design, verification and validation testing, and other product development capabilities. Experienced in such technical areas as communications and RF design, embedded software development, PCB design, and testing.
Inicore Inc.
Inicore is a system design house providing FPGA and ASIC design services. Their expertise is in system-on-chip (SoC) design from concept to fully-tested silicon, and they use IP for fast and reliable product development. Inicore manages every step of an SoC design from specification through implementation, including interfacing with the manufacturer and delivery of packaged and tested parts.
Intellitech Corp.
Intellitech specializes in scan-based debug, configuration, and test solutions for SoCs, ICs, PCBs, and systems. They have an experienced consulting and test-development organization dedicated to providing customers with design and test services to aid in adopting a new DFT methodology.
Intrinsix Corp.
Intrinsix is an independent electronic design outsourcing company providing senior design experience to electronic systems companies. Over 700 successful chip designs accomplished to date. They provide expertise in architecting, designing, and verifying hardware and software for highly-integrated ASICs, SoCs, ASSPs, FPGAs, and systems. Designs solutions range from purely hardware digital designs to embedded software to TSoC (total system on chip) that incorporates hardware-software-analog/RF into a single device.
Kinetek Systems Inc.
Kinetek Systems has more than 30 years of experience in analog and digital hardware design and embedded software design. They are experienced in a wide range of application areas, including test and measurement, instrumentation, data-acquisition systems, digital-control systems, Internet appliances, user interfaces (GUIs), digital signal processing, image processing, microcontroller systems, and power systems. In addition to hardware and software design, services include technical documentation, specifications development, and estimates. Expert witness services are also available.
Offers product design and engineering services, including prototypes, schematics, pc-board designs, mechanical drawings, and graphics. They are prototype specialists working to get invention into production.
Microtrack Inc.
Performs PCB layout design services, precision artworks and drawings. They can handle a variety of technologies, such as analog and digital circuits, high-frequency and high-speed designs, and multilayer boards. Experienced in designing for consumer, industrial, power supply, avionics, RF, medical, and test markets.
Minnetronix Inc.
Minnetronix develops custom embedded electronic and software solutions in partnership with medical device companies. They specialize in the rapid design, commercialization, and manufacture of highly integrated and miniaturized systems. Minnetronix will design instrumentation, manufacture and test devices, manage the product design process, and manage the product supply chain. They also ensure adherence to FDA and ISO 13485:2003 regulations.
MJS Designs Inc.
MJS offers a wide range of value-added design services. Its system-level product development includes electrical (digital, RF, and mixed-signal) and optical design and simulation, PCB layout, high-performance backplane and interconnect engineering, systems packaging, safety design, functional test development, reliability engineering, and in-house regulatory approvals.
Naprotek Inc.
Naprotek is an electronics contract manufacturer that supplies PCB design, PCB layout, low-volume prototyping and manufacturing, and box build assembly services.
Open-Silicon enables the customer to be involved in every step of designing and manufacturing a custom ASIC with supply chain choices that reduce costs and improve the chances of right-first-time silicon. Customers can choose from Open-Silicon's broad portfolio of qualified semiconductor intellectual property and extensive strategic partnerships with the world's leading manufacturing, test, and packaging providers. Open-Silicon's disciplined design methodology is then applied to produce reliable, predictable ASICs at lower cost.
OptEM Engineering Inc.
OptEM has partnered with leading research and commercial facilities around the world to provide a broad range of services to design engineers. OptEM can provide consulting services that involve IC package size optimization and modeling, investigative modeling and analysis of defective cables, connector modeling and simulation, PCB design with high-speed ICs, interconnect modeling, and signal-integrity analysis.
Paragon Innovations Inc.
Paragon Innovations is an outsource product-development company specializing in the engineering, design, development, and documentation of custom embedded hardware and software in commercial and consumer technology products. They transform a product idea, marketing requirement, or product specification into a manufacturable product.
Pinpoint Solutions Inc.
A fully independent design service center that assists customers in all aspects of ASIC and FPGA design. Services range from high-level design to integration, verification, synthesis, timing closure, floorplanning, layout support, test insertion, post layout analysis, and sign-off.
Plexus Design Solutions
Plexus Design Solutions offers a variety of consulting services in the fields of design-for-test (DFT) and ASIC design. They use an integrated process that includes methodology development and design implementation. Plexus Design Solutions works with the customer to understand their test requirements and goals, then establishes a DFT methodology defining the technologies that will fulfill the design needs and implements that methodology using tools and technologies. The implementation phase may include library creation and verification, DFT analysis, boundary scan, full scan, partial scan, ATPG, and BIST.
Foundry that supports design efforts with services that help reduce time-to-volume and implement successful product designs. These services include process design kits, design libraries, ESD protection IP and consultation, design review, design rule checking (DRC), online real-time consultation, digital synthesis, place and route, and more
Precision Graphics Inc.
Provides experienced electronic and mechanical engineers for a wide range of design services. In addition to design services, they also provide manufacturing. Has over 30 years of PCB design experience in double-sided/multilayer boards, fine-pitch/BGA, and through-hole/surface-mount technologies. Can design product packaging, firmware/software, or testing. Precision Graphics utilizes the latest PC-based software, such as PADS Powerlogic and Orcad for Schematic capture, PADs PowerPCB for design, and CAM 350 Viewer/Editor for customer-supplied designs.
Prime Design Consulting
Performs PCB layout and design services using the latest Orcad design tools. Offers all phases of PCB design from original schematic creation to final design of the PCB layout, providing complete fabrication and assembly documentation.
Quality Tool Inc.
Quality Tool Design Services is a 10-year-old mechanical, electro-mechanical, and industrial design firm. Services include concept and design development, prototyping, assembly, and manufacturing sourcing. They have experience working with medical, industrial, communication, and commercial product companies. Their CAD modeling features 2D and 3D design criteria in Solid Works and Pro-E. Additional services include EMI testing, FEA, and thermal analysis. They have designed medical test fixtures, electronic enclosures, industrial bus bars, and remote power devices.
RealTime Manufacturing
RealTime Manufacturing offers design engineering services for new product development, SMT conversion, and product improvement. Provides services for PCB layout using PADS PowerPCB , embedded microcontroller design with PIC microcontrollers and HITECH PIC C, FPGA designs using Verilog, and more. Mechanical design services are available for enclosures, motors, and optics. They specialize in optoelectronic design and manufacturing.
Rising Technologies Inc.
Rising Technologies will perform PCB schematic capture, layout, and prototyping. They have analog, digital, and board design experience for use in many applications. They design with embedded controllers and specialize in Microchip's PIC microcontrollers, but can use others as the application demands. As the design cycle nears completion, they can also build production quality PCB prototypes for use in final testing in the actual application environment.
Rubicad Corp.
Rubicad offers its TopQuality Service program to provide expertise in physical IC design and layout migration. They can, for instance, migrate a standard cell library to a new technology or a different fab. Services range from simple layout compaction to highly sensitive and critical layout optimization for speed and yield improvement.
Signet Design Solutions
Signet Design Solutions has been providing IC design services since 1999. Signet's back-end IC design services have resulted in dozens of designs proven with first-path success. These designs include the latest in DSPs as well as wireless, networking, and graphics processors in 90-nm to 0.25-micron geometries.
Silicon & Software Systems Ltd. (S3)
S3 provides system IC design solutions based on a combination of design expertise, proprietary IP, and advanced methodologies. They focus on leading-edge IC design and have already completed many designs in 90 nm targeting various foundries. S3 also provides a specialized portfolio of mixed-signal IP featuring blocks such as ADCs, DACs, PLLs, and LVDS transmitters for a variety of applications, including wireless LAN, broadband communications, imaging, and video.
Single Source Circuit Design
SSCD is an electrical product design and manufacturing firm. They have services ranging from system-level design to detail design to manufacturing.
SIVA is staffed with hardware and software engineers who are experienced in the design of high-speed digital circuits; sensitive analog circuits; RF circuits; power and motor control circuits; audio, video and imaging circuits; and precision and scientific measurement circuits. A wide range of services span conceptual design to prototyping to manufacturing.
SoftJin Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
SoftJin is an EDA software development services company that develops EDA tools for specific requirements of semiconductor and EDA companies. SoftJin's customized tool development experience spans the entire design flow including ESL tools, logic design tools, physical design tools, and post-layout tools for manufacturability. SoftJin's customized EDA tool-development services offer the advantages of enhanced EDA software capability and flexible capacity.
Sunburst Design Inc.
Sunburst Design offers Verilog, SystemVerilog, synthesis, and verification training developed by renowned Verilog expert and trainer, Cliff Cummings. Cliff has been a member of the IEEE 1364 Verilog Standards Group since 1994, and is the only Verilog and SystemVerilog trainer who helped develop every IEEE and Accellera Verilog standard.
Sunrise Labs Inc.
Sunrise Labs is a product design and development company providing comprehensive engineering services to both emerging and established companies of all sizes throughout the world. Its team of hardware engineers and software developers help transition a product from concept through manufacturing. Sunrise Labs has experience in embedded systems design, analog and digital design, user interface design, and project management for the industrial, medical, and consumer markets.
Sutherland HDL Inc.
Provides SystemVerilog, Verilog, and PLI training and consulting services.
Theta Engineering
Provider of embedded systems engineering services, specializing in new product development. Services include firmware and software development, circuit design, PCB layout, system integration, and consulting in the areas of instrumentation, telecommunications, industrial products, medical products, and custom test systems.
TRI-C Design Inc.
TRI-C Design’s service bureau has designed flex and PCB circuits over the past 15 years. They can use a customer’s design specifications to develop the circuit, or enhance an existing design. Provides reverse engineering services and flexible circuit consulting that trains designers on the proper way to design flexible circuits TRI-C Design is equipped to aid in the design of membrane switch applications.
Watson Engineering Solutions Inc.
Watson Engineering Solutions (WatsonES) is an engineering consulting firm specializing in electronic product design. WatsonES offers a wide range of services, including RF and wireless circuit design for low-power unlicensed systems (FCC certified), low-power battery-operated portable devices, microcontroller systems, analog and sensor interface circuits, and software/firmware development. Performs PCB design and layout, prototype assembly, and design verification and validation.
Xilinx Inc.
Xilinx provides leading-edge architectural and design expertise for the aerospace, defense, industrial, automotive, consumer, wired and wireless communications markets. Xilinx Design Services (XDS) enables customers to leverage the Xilinx engineer's experience to eliminate surprises, reduce project risks, and ensure success from specification to implementation. XDS collaborates with its customers to ensure successful designs that are competitive, cost effective, and delivered to market on time and on budget.


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I really appreciate your content.Good resource for new beginners.


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Good resource for new beginners.

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